Qanon July 30, 2020 – Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming

Social media platforms can try to silence us, but the truth will come out. Nothing can stop what is coming.


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Qanon July 24, 2020 – Next: More Acts of Violence Frameups


A Winning Jobs Report and a White House Under Siege

This is the latest installment in my series on President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus and related issues. Previous articles can be found here and here

Today it is being reported that more than 2.5 million jobs were added to the U.S. economy in the month of May while the unemployment rate declined from 14.7% to 13.3%. What makes these numbers significant is that economists had predicted a loss of between 8 and 9 million jobs in May with an increase in the unemployment rate to around 19%. These unexpected numbers are a major victory for the President.

Previously, I shared my theory that President Trump saw the pandemic coming and knew the plans of his enemies to weaponize it. Their two-part plan was to implement social distancing and shut down the economy while creating a series of fear-driven news cycles that would spook investors and wipe out stock market gains. I suspect that Trump met with his financial advisers and calculated the odds that they could rebuild the economy in the wake of the pandemic. His advisors thought it could be done before the November elections, so Trump gave governors the green light to shut down businesses in their states. Predictably, unemployment sky-rocketed and the stock market collapsed.

The President’s enemies thought they had him right where they wanted him, but today’s jobs report shows their utter foolishness. By allowing the country to be shut down, hundreds of thousands (perhaps millions) of lives have been saved. By allowing Governors and mayors to dictate the shutdown policy, Trump exposed elected officials as dictators-in-waiting. The jobs report gives his re-election campaign a massive boost. Each time his enemies think they have a plan to destroy Trump, they end up making him look more competent. At this point, they should quit, but they won’t. They’re locked in a zero-sum game. If they can’t find a way to remove him from office, many of them are going to prison.

After failing to take out Trump through the Mueller investigation, the impeachment hoax, and the plandemic, it looks like the deep state may try to physically remove him from office. The President’s decision to bring military troops into the Capitol suggests he has actionable intelligence regarding threats against the White House. The current narrative being pushed by the media is that military leaders do not support the President’s use of the military to bring rioting under control—a move authorized by the Insurrection Act.

Defense Secretary Esper’s opposition to using the military to bring rioting under control is concerning, but not unexpected. If he resists Trump’s directives, like Mattis, Kelly, and other military leaders, he will be replaced. The military as a whole will continue supporting the President, but there will always be those who are loyal to the deep state. As should be expected when the battle intensifies, Dan Bongino is hearing credible reports of discussions of a mutiny by some military leaders.

Efforts by DC Mayor Muriel Bowser to remove law enforcement and military troops from the Capitol seem to have the goal of weakening the defenses of the White House.

But even as enemies of the President encroach, the White House is beefing up its outer perimeter.

Many of the protests connected to the death of George Floyd are perfectly legitimate. But Antifa-driven violence seems to have the goal of igniting racial hatred. The creation of news cycles stoking racial tension happen like clockwork before every presidential election. Democrats have nothing else to campaign on. Seeing Trump’s popularity with minorities growing, they’re manipulating people’s emotions by creating the narrative that minorities are oppressed under Republican leadership. To believe that, you must overlook the fact that the cities where oppression is supposedly happening have been under Democrat control for decades.

The violence in Washington DC is being sold as a peaceful protest, but it may have the hidden goal of capturing the White House and taking the President hostage. POTUS is well aware of the threat. That’s why he brought the military into the city.

Steve Bannon once said, “If you think these people are going to give you back your country without a fight, you are sadly mistaken.”

We are presently in a fight that will determine the future of not just our nation, but the future of the world. Therefore, I would ask you to keep the President, the Secret Service, and the military in prayer.

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