The Coming Global Tsunami

“Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.”
~ Amos 3:7

During the last few decades, many people have had dreams and visions where a tsunami was featured prominently. Generally, in prophetic revelation, a tsunami will appear in a local region, such as a coastal city. When one is shown in close proximity to a town, that is the location of which God is speaking. What would be indicated, prophetically, by a tsunami that struck the entire world?

A friend recently had a dream where a tsunami did just that. I’ll explain the dream and provide an interpretation along with other confirming information.

In the dream, my friend was preparing for the arrival of the tsunami. Forecasters had been warning the public about the approach of the massive wave. They were able to predict it’s severity—how high the wave would be— and the fact that it would have a global impact. The wave would touch the lives of everyone on the planet. Forecasters repeatedly warned the public of its approach. There had not been a phenomenon like this since the flood of Noah. Some people grew complacent because a long interval had passed between the warnings and the arrival of the tsunami.

Some people were preparing for the wave’s arrival by going to airports and shipping terminals to board airplanes or boats, which were the safest places to be. My friend and her husband went to an airport in Australia. (She lives in the U.S.) In the dream, she and her husband assisted others who were boarding an airplane. Even though she knew the tsunami would devastate everything in its path, she felt no fear, only peace.

Different people interpret the motifs found in dreams differently. If we believe God is an angry deity who intends to bring harsh judgment upon humanity, we may interpret a tsunami as a sign of coming judgment. If we see God as merciful, we may interpret it as a sign of the removal of an old way of doing things and the start of something new. (The way that a person interprets divine revelation reveals as much about them as it does God’s plans.)

If we interpret the dream literally, it may be considered a warning of an actual tsunami. Perhaps an asteroid is headed toward us, and its impact might cause such a wave. This is one possible interpretation, but it’s based on an improbable event. Generally, storms—whether tornadoes, hurricanes, or tsunamis—are best interpreted as symbolic images that represent some other event. Frequently, a storm represents a coming change in the life of the dreamer. The scale of the storm gives the dreamer an idea of the magnitude of the coming changes. People who appear in the dream tend to be (either literally or symbolically) those who will be affected by or involved in the changes. The swiftness of the storm’s approach and the speed with which it passes depict the pace of the changes. Other details of the dream can be interpreted similarly.

Sometimes, a dream speaks of an event that is already known to us. Then, it serves as a confirmation of what we already suspect to be true. Sometimes, the event has been revealed to others who describe it in the same terms. My friend Martin Geddes recently described an event that is strikingly similar to what was portrayed in the dream. In this interview on a broadcast for entrepreneurs, Martin described the coming exposure of a series of political scandals. He also described the global impact the exposure of the scandals will have, and the different lenses through which people view political events.

The full interview with Martin can be found here.

I believe my friend’s dream speaks of an event that we are aware of since forecasters had warned people about it. From an interpretation standpoint, that suggests foreknowledge of both the nature and scope of the event. There is currently a political storm brewing. The details of that storm fill the news headlines every day. And Qanon has been discussing that storm for two years.

Martin Geddes and I use a couple of terms to describe the storm, which broadly translates to the global exposure of political corruption. The Great Awakening describes the realization by average people that there is a two-tiered system of justice in place, which allows powerful people to commit crimes and avoid punishment. (The truth about corruption is far deeper than this, but it’s a starting point for such discussions.) Most of us are aware of the presence of corruption. As awake as we may consider ourselves to be, none of us are aware of just how pervasive the corruption is and how severely it impacts society. Only a handful of people who are close to the President have access to the full picture.

qanon full picture praying medic

A second term Martin and I use is The Storm. “The storm,” figuratively, speaks of the exposure of global corruption and the restoration of a system of justice that provides equal punishment for all, regardless of position or power.

Evidence of the Storm
You can tell a storm is approaching by observing changes in the environment. As a tsunami wave builds at sea, it draws in water from nearby. As it approaches land, and water is drawn in, the shoreline recedes. The rapid flow of water away from shore is a sign that a large wave is approaching, as this video demonstrates.

In the same way that there is evidence of an approaching storm in nature, there is evidence of an approaching storm in politics. Proof of that storm can be seen in the opposition to Donald Trump’s presidency. When Trump campaigned for President, he promised to “drain the swamp.” Figuratively, it was a vow to end corruption. Many politicians have vowed to fight corruption over the years, but most of them became corrupt themselves or left politics. Trump is the first politician in my lifetime who has attempted to make good on that promise. The political establishment is keenly aware that Trump is an existential threat to the corrupt practices that keep them in power, and the establishment has been fighting him since before he was elected.

The Mueller investigation has proven to be an operation run by politicians and the intelligence community with the goal of removing Trump from office. That attempt, by the way, involved the heads of many foreign nations. Since Trump is a vengeful man, the conspirators can rest assured their recompense is coming. The current impeachment hoax is being run by the same people, and it has the same purpose. Hollywood stars once saw Trump as one of their peers, but after the exposure of numerous Hollywood sex scandals, he is viewed as a threat to their way of life. The media was complicit in the Russia hoax. The stories they published were used to justify surveillance against Trump. The media’s unified narrative is designed to brainwash the public into thinking he’s a deranged dictator. The halls of academia have developed anti-Trump curricula. Corporate executives bash POTUS at every opportunity. Every sector of the establishment has been weaponized against him. All of it is proof of the coming storm.

A second line of evidence of the storm is the departure from the battlefield of those who would rather not risk becoming casualties. In 2018, a near-record number of members of Congress decided not to run for re-election. Q suggested they had been informed of the coming storm and were told to get out of politics before it made landfall.

any-person-making-statements qanon praying medic

On December 21, 2017, President Trump signed an executive order allowing the U.S. Treasury to seize the assets of people and organizations found to be involved in human trafficking, human rights abuse, and corruption. That day, Eric Schmidt stepped down as CEO of Google’s parent company Alphabet. Since then, the corporate world has been hemorrhaging executives. After a near-record number of CEO resignations last year, a new study showed that 2019 is on pace to set another record for CEO resignations. Q suggested that CEOs are resigning because their companies are involved in corrupt practices, and they don’t want to risk being caught up in the storm and be prosecuted.

Many people insist nothing is being done to reform our corrupt system of justice. Since Trump took office, he has appointed more than 150 Federal Judges. Since his inauguration, dozens of top-level career employees in the Department of Justice and FBI have been removed, and many will face prosecution for their roles in the illegal surveillance of his campaign. The surveillance effort was made possible with the help of reporters who published stories based on leaked classified information. Those reporters are at risk of being indicted along with the people who leaked the information. The pending report by DOJ Inspector Horowitz may provide the names of those who will face prosecution.

Saudi Arabia
A third line of evidence is available when we look at what has already been done to remove corruption in other nations. During the first week of November of 2017, Q dropped clues about a trip Jarred Kushner (Trump’s son-in-law) made to Saudi Arabia. On November 4th, headlines carried news of the arrest of corrupt members of the Saudi royal family and corrupt Saudi businessmen. The next day, Q said that what happened in Saudi Arabia would happen in other nations, including the U.S, the EU, and countries in Asia.

SA- Eu Asia praying medic qanon

In another post that same Day, Q indicated the order of operations for the removal of corruption around the globe (SA –> US –> Asia –> EU). The removal of corruption in the United States would follow the removal of corruption in Saudi Arabia. Nations in Asia and the European Union would follow next. What we see happening today on the political stage in the U.S. is an effort by Donald Trump to dethrone the corrupt political establishment and the establishment’s attempt to remain in power.

ten-days-darkness praying medic qanon

The storm will affect virtually every life on the planet because corrupt people have, for centuries, kept the earth’s population in slavery. The slavery I speak of is not the kind written of in history books. It’s an imperceptible bondage, one we never suspect, and one we don’t find objectionable. We believe and act as if we are free while our labor and resources are unknowingly diverted to feed a handful of rich and powerful people—those who have propagated the endless wars and untold suffering which Trump is trying to end. The wars demand more resources, more taxpayer money, and more loans with interest. The wars alone put trillions of dollars into the pockets of a handful of sociopaths, not to mention the other schemes and scams they’ve developed to rob the world of its wealth.

It’s natural to wonder what life will be like on the other side of the storm. What will happen to the stock market, for example? I had a dream years ago, where I helped create a new stock market after the collapse of the current one. What we have now will be replaced with something better when corruption is removed from the system. Arguments about the pros and cons of socialism and capitalism miss the heart of the issue. Socialism will lead to enslavement when corrupt bureaucrats administer it. Capitalism will equally enslave people if corrupt elites run it. The problem isn’t the economic model employed. It’s the absence or presence of corruption in the system that determines the quality of life.

I had a dream before Trump was elected that I often think about. (I wrote about it here.) In that dream, we had an election choice to make. Those who chose to vote for Trump entered into a different realm— a world of lavish abundance. I haven’t been able to reconcile how such a world could be possible, this side of heaven, but recently, I’ve begun to believe that it might become a reality.

What would happen if the trillions of dollars in wealth that has been stolen and squandered by the elites were returned to the people from whom it was stolen? What would life be like if the cures for diseases which have been hidden from us to enrich those who own drug companies were made available to the public? What would life be like if advanced (free?) forms of energy were made available? I suspect many such advances have been hidden from us, and I suspect Trump will force many of them to be disclosed.

People frequently ask me for advice on investing, but I am not qualified to give such advice. I will, however, say this: From 2011-2014, I had many dreams about silver and gold. Most people’s dreams are symbolic, but many of mine are literal. Last week, I had a dream about gold for the first time in 5 years. In the dream, wealthy people were trying to hide an internet link that allowed average people to purchase and track the price of gold. (Make of that what you will).

I believe The Great Awakening has a double application. It speaks of an intellectual awakening—the awareness by the public to the truth that we’ve been enslaved in a corrupt political system. But the exposure of the unimaginable depravity of the elites will lead to an increased awareness of our own depravity. Self-awareness of sin is fertile ground for spiritual revival. I believe the long-prophesied spiritual awakening lies on the other side of the storm.

I’m not concerned about the coming storm. In the dream that my friend had, she was not afraid. God had provided a way for people who were attentive to rise above it. Those who had become complacent or skeptical had more difficulty. As is always the case, those who choose to put their trust in God’s promises fare better than those who do not. 

I hope this article has blessed you and I look forward to reading your comments.

The Orphan Spirit—A Dream

orphan spirit, praying medic

One afternoon my wife and I watched a Bethel video featuring Bill Johnson, who spoke on the subject of the orphan spirit. It was a good message, but apparently the Holy Spirit wasn’t done speaking when I turned the video off. The message continued into my dreams. That night I had a dream in which Bill Johnson and his wife Beni were present, along with one of their sons. (I don’t know which one.) Their presence in the dream was mysterious. I didn’t see their physical bodies.  They seemed to be there in the spirit. They had discerned that the orphan spirit was the greatest problem for the body of Christ at the present time. In the dream, I knew their son was in an area that was “locked down.” When I heard this term in the dream, I wasn’t sure what it meant, exactly.

My EMT partner was with me in the dream. We went to the area that was “locked down.” We were met by a young man who looked like a friend from work named Chris. He had a young woman with him. They were both very pleasant and dressed very nicely—but they were both wearing black clothing, which struck me as strange.

They accompanied me and my EMT partner as we went through a very large cavern. It seemed to be about half a mile in length and it was well-lit, for a cave. At the far end of the cave, we climbed up a sloping rock wall that led to a door. We went through the door and into a hallway which led to what looked like a mental hospital. Once we were inside, I saw patients walking the hallways.

The man who led us there was going to let us into a room to see a patient. There was no conversation between us during the dream. He simply led us to a room and opened the door. At this point, I became aware that there were other people with me I had not seen before. I had a sense that I was leading a group on a mission.

As I thought about going through the open door, I became aware that what we were doing was against the rules of the facility. I felt we were going to get in trouble when we got caught, which seemed certain because the process took longer than it should have taken. It seemed as though we should have been able to get the person (or people) out of their room and leave quickly, but everything took longer than it should have. I decided not to go into the room. I felt like I didn’t need to. So when the door was opened, I just sat on a table in the hallway and waited.

Everyone in the room came out into the hallway. One person, in particular, seemed very happy that we came there. We talked for a few minutes until an employee showed up and began scolding us for being there. It came as no surprise to me that the employee seemed mentally ill himself, just like the patients. And his sour demeanor let me know that the party was now over.

I don’t recall how I got to the cave, but I had to drive my car home. As I drove, I became concerned that my wife would be mad because I was going to be home late. I looked at a map and determined it would take two to three hours to drive home. As I drove, I suddenly took a mysterious short cut, which I saw as my car driving quickly across a map. I arrived at home sooner than I expected, and found my wife curled up on the couch, watching TV with a group of children that were not my biological children. That was the end of the dream.

There is too much revelation in this dream to adequately cover in a blog post, but I’d like to share a couple of observations:

The main message of the dream is that many of us have taken on a wrong identity. The orphan spirit causes us to doubt that God is a loving Father who provides for our needs. A believer under the influence of the orphan spirit will profess that God is their father, but live as if He is not. The orphan spirit causes us to feel as though we lack what we need. We must take matters into our own hands because the idea that God is our provider is not one we’ve experienced in a tangible way. I lived this way for many years, but I’m finally beginning to accept the full implications of what it means to be a beloved child of God.

A second message from the dream is that we’re on a rescue mission to find those who have been held captive by the orphan spirit and set them free. When we arrived at the holding room, it wasn’t necessary for me to go into the room they were in. It wasn’t necessary for me to join them in their captivity. They had to exercise their free will and leave their place of captivity. They had to believe in a different reality. For those who are being held captive by the orphan spirit, their freedom will come as they begin to understand who they truly are and what it means to be a child of  God. As they accept this truth, they will join us and we will lead them out of darkness.

In the last scene, I was concerned that my wife would be left waiting for me, but God altered time so that I arrived home sooner than I should have. I spend an enormous amount of time writing about healing, the identity of the believer and getting free from religion. I also spend a lot of time praying with and encouraging people through social networks. I sometimes worry that I’m short-changing my wife by spending so much time doing these things. It seems God may be working behind the scenes to provide enough time for us to stay connected as husband and wife. And the fruit of our ministry is a small tribe of people who are learning with us as we take them along on our adventures.

If you have any observations on this dream, you’re welcome to share them in a comment below.

Podcast 030: Melody Paasch – All About Dreams


My guest on this episode is my friend Melody Paasch, who has been teaching biblical dream interpretation for decades. We both share insights into the dreams we have.

Topics Covered:

  • Where do dreams come from?
  • What are the most common types of dreams?
  • Why do we have night terror dreams?
  • What do houses and cars represent in dreams?
  • How can we have more dreams?
  • Do we actually travel to different places in dreams?
  • Does God visit us in person in dreams?
  • What prevents us from hearing God more clearly?


Understanding the Dreams You Dream by Ira Milligan

Dream Language by James Goll

The Divinity Code to Understanding Your Dreams and Visions by Adam Thompson

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Dreams About Silver and Gold

Shortly after my wife and I were married, we asked God for wisdom on how to save money for our retirement. A couple of years later, we started having dreams that seemed to give us clues on how to plan for the future. I wanted to share a few of those dreams, where the main subjects were gold and silver. While I realize that many dreams are symbolic, I believe these dreams speak of literal silver and gold and their potential as investments for the future.

Based on the prophetic revelation we’ve seen over the last few years, it seems as though there may be a collapse coming in the global financial markets. If you’re wondering why God would allow such a thing to happen, please go to this message. It will provide some context for the discussion. If indeed, the financial markets are approaching a state of collapse, the next question we might ask is, “What should I do with the money I have invested in the markets now?”

At this point,  I’d like to issue a serious disclaimer:

  • I am not a qualified financial adviser.
  • I have no expertise or qualifications to advise you on how to invest your money.
  • The views expressed here are not to be taken as professional advice on investing.
  • I cannot be held responsible for the consequences of any investments you make based on my views shared in this message or any other information published here.

I have no desire to control a decision as big as where you invest your money for retirement. I implore you to ask God for wisdom on this important issue. That’s what I did and that’s how I received these dreams. I do, however, feel a need to share what revelation He gave me in the hope that it may confirm for some of you what He’s already told you.

Silver Persians
On September 9, 2009 (9/9/09) I had the first dream that discussed investing. Let me share what transpired before the dream. (This is one of the advantages of keeping a spiritual journal – not only did I record the dream I had that night, but the conversation I had with a friend on the same day – which is relevant background information for the dream)

The morning of the September 9th, a friend who manages the blog Northwest Prophetic sent me an inquiry about Larry Randolph’s prophetic word on the “Eye of the  Storm“. He asked for my discernment on it. I replied by e-mail with several reasons why I thought it was a good word. That night, I had the following dream:

In the dream I was at my parent’s house, having a phone conversation with my older brother Pat. (Pat died of cancer the previous year). He was giving me investment advice over the phone. He told me about the investment advice he gave to my parents and how they made a lot of money because they followed his advice. In the dream, I was aware they had made a lot of money by investing wisely using his advice. (In the natural – they did not) I don’t recall Pat actually telling me during our phone conversation what specific things I was supposed to invest my money in. He never gave me the details.

The only other subject of the dream was a pair of silver Persian cats that my parents had in their house. In the beginning of the dream, the fur of the two cats was matted and messy. As the dream progressed, someone was brushing out the matted fur and cleaning them up. At the end of the dream they were sitting on the couch, beautifully brushed, looking like they were ready to go to a show.

As I began to interpret the dream, I was certain it was the answer to some questions my wife and I had about investing.  But I wasn’t certain what to do yet. I asked God if the dream contained the answers we were seeking. I heard Him say, ‘yes.’ I asked where the answer was, He said, ‘Look at the cats.’ He asked me what color my parent’s cat was in real life. My dad was given a black and white Persian cat by his sister many years ago. His sister was a breeder, and this cat had been in a few shows and won a ribbon or two. When my parents began driving for Fed-Ex, and could no longer take care of him, they asked me to adopt him. He was my dad’s pride and joy. I’ve always thought of this cat as the only inheritance my father left me. God then asked me, “What color were the cats in the dream?” I said, “Silver”. He said, “Any more questions?”

I believe the interpretation of the dream is this; there were two silver cats. Two is the number of covenant. Metals have prophetic symbolism – Gold represents Deity, Bronze – judgment. Silver symbolizes redemption. I believe God is speaking about His redemptive plan in this season of uncertainty. He doesn’t just redeem our souls, but our entire life – including our finances. Silver is the literal metal he wants to use to redeem my financial future. Persians are perhaps the most desired breed of show cat. They are very valuable. I believe my dad’s cat symbolizes my inheritance from God.

The date of the dream may also be significant: 9/9/09

The Prophet’s Dictionary indicates that the number nine signifies gestation, reproduction and matured development, as a baby is in its mother’s womb for nine months before birth.

I almost never have recurring dreams, but 4 nights later (on 9/13/09) I had this exact same dream again.

As an investment vehicle, silver may not seem very attractive right now. But in light of the dream, and in light of the other revelation we’ve received, I believe that will change. Like the cats in the dream, I believe silver is in the process of being ‘groomed’. In the future, it will be much more attractive and valuable.

The Silver and Gold Show

I often have important dreams on July 3rd and 4th. These two days are special to me in a way that only God understands.

On July 4, 2011, I had the following dream:
In the dream, I attended a gold show, which was like a conference where people went to learn about gold. There were many booths with vendors who talked about different aspects of gold. Several booths had miniature fountains that emitted small streams of gold dust that seemed to be powered by a current of air that dispersed a small amount of fine gold dust. If you placed your hand underneath one, eventually some gold dust would accumulate on your hand. I walked around and visited all the vendors.

One man was off in a corner, secretly showing people how they could place a 3×5 card under a fountain and collect gold dust to put in a small container that they could keep.

David Morgan of the Silver Investor (a silver investment periodical) was at the show. He was there to give a talk on where silver prices were headed in the future. He seemed happy and excited to share his news. (Morgan has for years advocated the position that silver is one of the best – if not the best long-term investment vehicle available to investors.

In the final scene of the dream, I was in a jail listening to a jailer describe what happened to people who were caught stealing gold; they would be put in prison for 1 minute, then released by the people who owned the gold. There was some sort of automatic pardon in place that applied to anyone who was caught stealing gold.

The date of this dream was July 4th, 2011 (Independence Day in the US).

I believe there is prophetic significance to this date. It symbolizes Liberty. I think that God desires for us all to live free of tyranny. And financial tyranny has enslaved the world for over a century. I believe He has a plan to end the tyranny and set the financial captives free.

On April 7th, 2011 I had the following dream:
A woman I didn’t know had come into a large amount of money. She went through town asking people what to do with it. I told her to take it all and buy silver. One of the men who gave her advice had a TV news show in which he gave investing advice. At the end of the dream, the woman left our small town for the big city. The TV news investor man came looking for me to get advice on what to do with his money.

On October 10, 2012, I had a dream about buying silver. In the dream, my friend the Graceful Banker and I were talking about buying silver. He did some calculations and he investigated different sellers to get us the best price. I had withdrawn my money and was ready to make a purchase of silver.

On September 28th, 2009 I had the following dream:
My wife and I were ministering with a friend named Gwendolyn. We were prophesying to people and praying for their healing. I had a bucket of silver coins that I was giving to people in need. I gave some coins to Gwendolyn. At the end of the dream, I saw a large copper penny – it was like a single vision that was separate from the dream. The words “In God We Trust” were emphasized.

In closing, I’d like to offer a few words of advice. I’ve come to the realization that it is greed, worry and fear that drive many of us to make decisions about saving and investing. If you’re in such a place, do not make any decisions about your finances at this time. These emotions are the very things that have built the financial system that is crumbling. God has given us a kingdom that cannot be shaken. If He has given you anything to save or invest for the future, decide in your heart that it will be used to bless others then invest it in whatever way He directs you. That doesn’t necessarily mean tithing to a church, although it may include that. Ask God for wisdom. Be grateful for what He gives you. Give liberally to those who ask.

A Spirit of Power on The Ward

This story was submitted by Michael C. King

Work started off “normal”. I was a Patient Safety Attendant (we call them “sitters”) for a suicide- attempt patient. These are generally easy work assignments since the patient is often a walkie-talkie who is waiting for a bed to open up on the psych ward. This particular patient was barely a legal adult, and an absolute brat to boot. However, her roommate was in her sixties, there on alcohol detox, and God had really been active in her life. The morning got off to a fantastic start when this roommate, I’ll call her “Pam,” woke up.

“I had an odd dream last night,” Pam commented. Having done a small amount of dream interpretation myself, I asked her to tell me her dream, not telling her I had every intention of interpreting it. I don’t remember now what the dream was, but I nailed the interpretation, and it was something God was trying to let her know about herself and a Christian drug-rehab program she was about to enter.

The dream interpretation opened up some God-conversation, and I discovered that Pam was a believer although fairly young in her faith. Somehow we got onto the subject of her arthritis, which she had in her left thumb, both knees, and a few other places. Feeling a little unsure myself, I started with one spot, the thumb. I commanded healing into the thumb and rebuked arthritis. It left.

No pain, no problems, full range of motion (ROM).
I moved on to pray for her knee, same result. No pain; instant healing. I was feeling a bit bolder, knowing that God was healing her right then, so I just commanded all other arthritis to go. Her spine got hot, and she felt the pain in her coccyx go, pain which I knew nothing about since she hadn’t told me.Breakfast came a bit after that, and we were talking. Pam had orders for a prophylactic anti-emetic (anti-nausea) due to persistent stomach problems, but only received it a few minutes before breakfast arrived, and she didn’t give it enough time to work. She started feeling pretty nauseous, so I offered to pray for her again. She was more than happy to get prayer since she had such wonderful results the first time. It had been years since she could hold a fork and knife normally to eat. I took her hand and prayed for her stomach. It immediately got a warm feeling and all the nausea left.

While this was happening, I got a word of knowledge about God healing some emotional stuff. I didn’t know what exactly, but I knew it was related to her son. I told her this, and she started crying.What I didn’t know prior to that point was that her nausea at mealtime had started when her son was growing up, and mealtimes were always a very stressful time for them. Since they always fought then, she would get emotionally upset, her stomach physically upset, and she wouldn’t want to eat.

Fast- forward many years later; her body had taken so much emotional pain surrounding mealtimes that her stomach automatically reacted when she ate. Well, God healed that too!!

The rest of the day was up and down–at the time she was there for alcohol detox and not only experiencing withdrawals, but stuck in a room with the brattiest SA-patient ever whose family and friends who mostly just acted like they were at a party.

In her defense, it WAS pretty miserable to be separated by ONLY a curtain, and we didn’t have any more open beds until a room got cleaned from another patient who died late that morning. To top it off, we ended up getting more admits. So, no room-change for her. However, God had given me such favor with her that I was the only staff member able to talk Pam down from her agitation-bordering-on-hysteria and help her through her rough spots that afternoon.

It was a blessing to be able to work with her, minister healing and all around love on her when she was in a tight spot, and it all began with an unsuspecting woman waking up in a hospital bed and sharing a dream.

Last Days Dreams

On January 2nd 2010, I met with a friend to discuss some things God had put on our hearts. This man is a prophetic leader in our community and a trusted friend. We prayed for a clearer understanding of the times and seasons. That night I had 2 dreams from God. I thought I might share them with you. They seem to be a warning of things to watch out for in the near future.

The first dream was about garbage men. There were two men that I remembered, the first was a tall white man, who seemed to be a very nice guy. He was able to take large garbage cans that were full and throw them high in the air and make them land about 100 feet away. I was impressed with this feat. The other man was African-American. He looked dressed with style and appeared confident. His garbage truck was a stretched SUV with long doors. It was red, and he had about 4 or 5 guys in the SUV with him. Somehow he also put garbage in there, too.

The second dream was a series of scenes with different people I don’t know in the natural. One was driving a car, one was in a store; one was at their home. I was observing the behavior of these people, but I was also interacting with them. The subject of our discussion was “The Final Countdown.” I think I saw this headline either on TV, a newspaper, or a computer. Several people used this phrase in the conversations we had.

‘The Final Countdown’ was the name given to a phenomenon that scientists had discovered. There was an approaching alignment of planets, stars etc. that was going to bring about a tragic end to planet earth. No specific details were given about this event in the dream. Everyone in the dream seemed to have a calm acceptance of it. No one was hysterical. There was no heightened drama and I didn’t notice an increase of spiritual activity. There wasn’t anything unusual about how people were reacting to the event. We all knew there was nothing that could be done to change it, so we accepted it and went about our lives as usual. The time frame of the countdown was not given in the dream. I had a sense that it involved a short period of time – a few weeks or months to a couple of years.

I believe the two dreams are related. God does something interesting with my dreams. He often gives a symbolic dream that represents a concept He wants me to focus on. Then He gives me a second dream, that holds the key to the interpretation. In most cases the interpretation comes first.

The first dream seems to be saying that in the coming days, people will try to impress us with signs, miracles and wonders and things that look pretty cool. The first guy in the dream was the kind of person I’d have as a friend. But the reality God would like us to understand is that these people, no matter how sincere or legitimate their story seems to be, are peddling garbage, which is worthless to us.

In Matthew 24:24 Jesus warned about false prophets who would perform false signs and wonders in the last days trying to deceive many. I think this dream is a warning about deception. Prophets declare things to come. False prophets tell lies about the future; lies represented by garbage.

The second dream reminds me a lot of the ‘2012’ phenomenon that people are talking about. This event is tied to many astronomical and metaphysical events coming into alignment simultaneously at the end of 2012. The major one is the end of the Mayan “Long Count’ calendar. This is an event that different people have predicted, which involves a dramatic and sudden end to the planet or change of life on the planet, depending on which prophet you listen to.

What does it all mean?

My friend and I prayed for discernment of the ‘times and seasons’. God gave me a dream that night about the times we live in and another dream with the interpretation. In light of the two dreams and how they seem to warn about deception and a phenomenon foretelling the end of the world, I believe God is saying that we shouldn’t buy this garbage, no matter how convincing it sounds or how cool it looks. I believe that time will reveal all of them to be lying prophets.

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