The Coming Global Tsunami

“Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.”
~ Amos 3:7

During the last few decades, many people have had dreams and visions where a tsunami was featured prominently. Generally, in prophetic revelation, a tsunami will appear in a local region, such as a coastal city. When one is shown in close proximity to a town, that is the location of which God is speaking. What would be indicated, prophetically, by a tsunami that struck the entire world?

A friend recently had a dream where a tsunami did just that. I’ll explain the dream and provide an interpretation along with other confirming information.

In the dream, my friend was preparing for the arrival of the tsunami. Forecasters had been warning the public about the approach of the massive wave. They were able to predict it’s severity—how high the wave would be— and the fact that it would have a global impact. The wave would touch the lives of everyone on the planet. Forecasters repeatedly warned the public of its approach. There had not been a phenomenon like this since the flood of Noah. Some people grew complacent because a long interval had passed between the warnings and the arrival of the tsunami.

Some people were preparing for the wave’s arrival by going to airports and shipping terminals to board airplanes or boats, which were the safest places to be. My friend and her husband went to an airport in Australia. (She lives in the U.S.) In the dream, she and her husband assisted others who were boarding an airplane. Even though she knew the tsunami would devastate everything in its path, she felt no fear, only peace.

Different people interpret the motifs found in dreams differently. If we believe God is an angry deity who intends to bring harsh judgment upon humanity, we may interpret a tsunami as a sign of coming judgment. If we see God as merciful, we may interpret it as a sign of the removal of an old way of doing things and the start of something new. (The way that a person interprets divine revelation reveals as much about them as it does God’s plans.)

If we interpret the dream literally, it may be considered a warning of an actual tsunami. Perhaps an asteroid is headed toward us, and its impact might cause such a wave. This is one possible interpretation, but it’s based on an improbable event. Generally, storms—whether tornadoes, hurricanes, or tsunamis—are best interpreted as symbolic images that represent some other event. Frequently, a storm represents a coming change in the life of the dreamer. The scale of the storm gives the dreamer an idea of the magnitude of the coming changes. People who appear in the dream tend to be (either literally or symbolically) those who will be affected by or involved in the changes. The swiftness of the storm’s approach and the speed with which it passes depict the pace of the changes. Other details of the dream can be interpreted similarly.

Sometimes, a dream speaks of an event that is already known to us. Then, it serves as a confirmation of what we already suspect to be true. Sometimes, the event has been revealed to others who describe it in the same terms. My friend Martin Geddes recently described an event that is strikingly similar to what was portrayed in the dream. In this interview on a broadcast for entrepreneurs, Martin described the coming exposure of a series of political scandals. He also described the global impact the exposure of the scandals will have, and the different lenses through which people view political events.

The full interview with Martin can be found here.

I believe my friend’s dream speaks of an event that we are aware of since forecasters had warned people about it. From an interpretation standpoint, that suggests foreknowledge of both the nature and scope of the event. There is currently a political storm brewing. The details of that storm fill the news headlines every day. And Qanon has been discussing that storm for two years.

Martin Geddes and I use a couple of terms to describe the storm, which broadly translates to the global exposure of political corruption. The Great Awakening describes the realization by average people that there is a two-tiered system of justice in place, which allows powerful people to commit crimes and avoid punishment. (The truth about corruption is far deeper than this, but it’s a starting point for such discussions.) Most of us are aware of the presence of corruption. As awake as we may consider ourselves to be, none of us are aware of just how pervasive the corruption is and how severely it impacts society. Only a handful of people who are close to the President have access to the full picture.

qanon full picture praying medic

A second term Martin and I use is The Storm. “The storm,” figuratively, speaks of the exposure of global corruption and the restoration of a system of justice that provides equal punishment for all, regardless of position or power.

Evidence of the Storm
You can tell a storm is approaching by observing changes in the environment. As a tsunami wave builds at sea, it draws in water from nearby. As it approaches land, and water is drawn in, the shoreline recedes. The rapid flow of water away from shore is a sign that a large wave is approaching, as this video demonstrates.

In the same way that there is evidence of an approaching storm in nature, there is evidence of an approaching storm in politics. Proof of that storm can be seen in the opposition to Donald Trump’s presidency. When Trump campaigned for President, he promised to “drain the swamp.” Figuratively, it was a vow to end corruption. Many politicians have vowed to fight corruption over the years, but most of them became corrupt themselves or left politics. Trump is the first politician in my lifetime who has attempted to make good on that promise. The political establishment is keenly aware that Trump is an existential threat to the corrupt practices that keep them in power, and the establishment has been fighting him since before he was elected.

The Mueller investigation has proven to be an operation run by politicians and the intelligence community with the goal of removing Trump from office. That attempt, by the way, involved the heads of many foreign nations. Since Trump is a vengeful man, the conspirators can rest assured their recompense is coming. The current impeachment hoax is being run by the same people, and it has the same purpose. Hollywood stars once saw Trump as one of their peers, but after the exposure of numerous Hollywood sex scandals, he is viewed as a threat to their way of life. The media was complicit in the Russia hoax. The stories they published were used to justify surveillance against Trump. The media’s unified narrative is designed to brainwash the public into thinking he’s a deranged dictator. The halls of academia have developed anti-Trump curricula. Corporate executives bash POTUS at every opportunity. Every sector of the establishment has been weaponized against him. All of it is proof of the coming storm.

A second line of evidence of the storm is the departure from the battlefield of those who would rather not risk becoming casualties. In 2018, a near-record number of members of Congress decided not to run for re-election. Q suggested they had been informed of the coming storm and were told to get out of politics before it made landfall.

any-person-making-statements qanon praying medic

On December 21, 2017, President Trump signed an executive order allowing the U.S. Treasury to seize the assets of people and organizations found to be involved in human trafficking, human rights abuse, and corruption. That day, Eric Schmidt stepped down as CEO of Google’s parent company Alphabet. Since then, the corporate world has been hemorrhaging executives. After a near-record number of CEO resignations last year, a new study showed that 2019 is on pace to set another record for CEO resignations. Q suggested that CEOs are resigning because their companies are involved in corrupt practices, and they don’t want to risk being caught up in the storm and be prosecuted.

Many people insist nothing is being done to reform our corrupt system of justice. Since Trump took office, he has appointed more than 150 Federal Judges. Since his inauguration, dozens of top-level career employees in the Department of Justice and FBI have been removed, and many will face prosecution for their roles in the illegal surveillance of his campaign. The surveillance effort was made possible with the help of reporters who published stories based on leaked classified information. Those reporters are at risk of being indicted along with the people who leaked the information. The pending report by DOJ Inspector Horowitz may provide the names of those who will face prosecution.

Saudi Arabia
A third line of evidence is available when we look at what has already been done to remove corruption in other nations. During the first week of November of 2017, Q dropped clues about a trip Jarred Kushner (Trump’s son-in-law) made to Saudi Arabia. On November 4th, headlines carried news of the arrest of corrupt members of the Saudi royal family and corrupt Saudi businessmen. The next day, Q said that what happened in Saudi Arabia would happen in other nations, including the U.S, the EU, and countries in Asia.

SA- Eu Asia praying medic qanon

In another post that same Day, Q indicated the order of operations for the removal of corruption around the globe (SA –> US –> Asia –> EU). The removal of corruption in the United States would follow the removal of corruption in Saudi Arabia. Nations in Asia and the European Union would follow next. What we see happening today on the political stage in the U.S. is an effort by Donald Trump to dethrone the corrupt political establishment and the establishment’s attempt to remain in power.

ten-days-darkness praying medic qanon

The storm will affect virtually every life on the planet because corrupt people have, for centuries, kept the earth’s population in slavery. The slavery I speak of is not the kind written of in history books. It’s an imperceptible bondage, one we never suspect, and one we don’t find objectionable. We believe and act as if we are free while our labor and resources are unknowingly diverted to feed a handful of rich and powerful people—those who have propagated the endless wars and untold suffering which Trump is trying to end. The wars demand more resources, more taxpayer money, and more loans with interest. The wars alone put trillions of dollars into the pockets of a handful of sociopaths, not to mention the other schemes and scams they’ve developed to rob the world of its wealth.

It’s natural to wonder what life will be like on the other side of the storm. What will happen to the stock market, for example? I had a dream years ago, where I helped create a new stock market after the collapse of the current one. What we have now will be replaced with something better when corruption is removed from the system. Arguments about the pros and cons of socialism and capitalism miss the heart of the issue. Socialism will lead to enslavement when corrupt bureaucrats administer it. Capitalism will equally enslave people if corrupt elites run it. The problem isn’t the economic model employed. It’s the absence or presence of corruption in the system that determines the quality of life.

I had a dream before Trump was elected that I often think about. (I wrote about it here.) In that dream, we had an election choice to make. Those who chose to vote for Trump entered into a different realm— a world of lavish abundance. I haven’t been able to reconcile how such a world could be possible, this side of heaven, but recently, I’ve begun to believe that it might become a reality.

What would happen if the trillions of dollars in wealth that has been stolen and squandered by the elites were returned to the people from whom it was stolen? What would life be like if the cures for diseases which have been hidden from us to enrich those who own drug companies were made available to the public? What would life be like if advanced (free?) forms of energy were made available? I suspect many such advances have been hidden from us, and I suspect Trump will force many of them to be disclosed.

People frequently ask me for advice on investing, but I am not qualified to give such advice. I will, however, say this: From 2011-2014, I had many dreams about silver and gold. Most people’s dreams are symbolic, but many of mine are literal. Last week, I had a dream about gold for the first time in 5 years. In the dream, wealthy people were trying to hide an internet link that allowed average people to purchase and track the price of gold. (Make of that what you will).

I believe The Great Awakening has a double application. It speaks of an intellectual awakening—the awareness by the public to the truth that we’ve been enslaved in a corrupt political system. But the exposure of the unimaginable depravity of the elites will lead to an increased awareness of our own depravity. Self-awareness of sin is fertile ground for spiritual revival. I believe the long-prophesied spiritual awakening lies on the other side of the storm.

I’m not concerned about the coming storm. In the dream that my friend had, she was not afraid. God had provided a way for people who were attentive to rise above it. Those who had become complacent or skeptical had more difficulty. As is always the case, those who choose to put their trust in God’s promises fare better than those who do not. 

I hope this article has blessed you and I look forward to reading your comments.

The Lavish Lifestyle God Wants for Us

My first dream from God came on the night of 8/8/2008. In that dream, the Lord appeared to me and asked me to pray for my patients. Exactly eight years later, on 8/8/2016, my wife and I both had dreams about Donald Trump. (I’m not at liberty to share my wife’s dream, but I will share my interpretation of it after I share my dream.)

On the night we had our dreams, we listened to a speech Trump gave to Detroit business leaders earlier that day. In the speech, Trump outlined his plan to bring economic recovery to America. The take away message was that he has bold plans to erase America’s trade deficit, to create a trade surplus and bring millions of jobs back to America. After listening to the speech we went to bed.

In my dream, I saw something like a poll asking people to express their political preference. I expressed a preference for Trump. The fact that I did, now gave me access to what I can only describe as a virtual experience, which I entered into as if I were stepping into another dimension. What I observed was a community that had the best of everything. People lived in blessing and prosperity of every kind imaginable. The impression I had was almost as if we were living in heaven on earth. It was in a word—lavish.

I knew in the dream, this lavish lifestyle was only available to those who expressed a preference for Trump. Anyone who did not, would not be allowed to experience this lifestyle. Strangely enough. the message of my wife’s dream was that those who joined with Trump would experience a lavish lifestyle.

In a recent article, I wrote about how God instructs us when we have an open mind. For me, this often requires me to listen to messages like Trump’s speech with an open mind and allow God to teach me more about them. The speech was about economic recovery. The dream showed what that might look like.

When I logged on to Facebook that morning, one of the first posts I found was written by my friend Rob Coscia. This was his message:

It’s a weird word. We rarely use it, and when we do, it’s usually to describe someone’s pretentious lifestyle—someone who is extravagant, exuberant, excessive, and wasteful to the practical mind.
“See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God!” (1 John 3:1).”

Rob picked up on the very word that was illustrated in our dreams—the idea that God wants to lavish His goodness upon us.

While it’s true that this verse refers to God’s love for us, that love is expressed materially, as well as relationally. The last thought I had before going to sleep was how God promised the Israelites a land flowing with milk and honey. It was a place of material abundance. Many people today see material blessings almost as if they’re sinful, but I don’t think that’s how God sees them. The Promised Land offered the Israelites a lavish lifestyle of material abundance, if only they would receive it.

I believe the November elections will offer us a choice between two paths which lead to two different futures. One will keep us traveling the road we’re on. The other will allow us to enter into a lavish lifestyle of blessing. (I don’t believe the dream indicates that anyone who does not vote for Trump will be cursed. I do believe it means that if we, as a nation, do not elect him, we will miss out on the blessing God intends to give us.)

That seems to be His desire for us, but He always honors the preferences of those who show up at the polls and vote.

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Why Are We Dreaming about Donald Trump? 

Why Are We Dreaming about Donald Trump?

Many of you have read and responded to my recent posts about the fact that people have been dreaming about Donald Trump. For reasons I’m only beginning to understand, God has given me revelation about the billionaire presidential candidate and I’m trying to be obedient by sharing what I hear Him saying.

Many Christian writers have shared their views about why we should or shouldn’t support Trump in his bid for the white house. Max Lucado, who has never been one for political commentaries, wrote an article explaining that Trump doesn’t pass his litmus test of decency.

One writer concluded that Trump is the choice of many evangelicals because he reflects what they truly love. He believes evangelicals have forsaken the love of God in favor of power and wealth and that is why they love Trump.

One writer believes Christians are simply naïve and are being duped by a man who has no interest in God at all.

Some believers—particularly those in the new apostolic reformation—equate political involvement with supporting a Babylonian or Antichrist system that stands opposed to the government of God. Some argue that God is completely disinterested in the political affairs of men.

It’s easy for believers to disengage from politics. One way we do it is by telling ourselves it’s not up to our elected officials anyway. It’s up to God. Only He can save a nation. For many people, believing it’s all in God’s hands (and not ours) gives them permission to withdraw from politics.

While it’s true that only God can save a nation, we must ask the next question—how exactly does He save a nation?
He generally changes the course of a nation’s history by working through key individuals at a critical points in time and using them to accomplish His will. He does it primarily through the leaders we choose.

Involvement in politics is not as unwise or as unspiritual as some would have us believe. When political involvement is done under the direction of the Holy Spirit, it is nothing less than obedience to God. I realize God will ask people to refrain from involvement in politics, but it’s become obvious (as you’ll soon see) that He’s asking some folks to become more involved.

To be perfectly honest, I’m uncertain about who I’m ultimately going to support for president this year. My personal choice was made some time ago, after I assessed each candidate for things like character, wisdom, integrity and their stance on important issues. I picked the candidate I thought was the best choice. And then something unexpected happened.

My wife and I began dreaming about Donald Trump, who was not the candidate we chose. Then I became aware that many of my friends were having dreams about Trump, too.

I post frequent discussion questions on Facebook. In a recent question, I asked friends to share the dreams they’ve had about Trump. I had no idea just how great the response would be. For the last two weeks my friends have been sharing the dreams they’ve had about Trump. Many of these folks are not interested in politics and are not Trump supporters. One friend said he almost never has dreams from God, but when he awoke from his dream about Trump, he felt God’s presence and knew it was from Him. Most of the dreams have portrayed Trump very differently from how he’s been characterized by the media, and even from how Trump portrays himself. Here’s a sample of the dreams:

RN: “I am not a Trump supporter. Two nights ago I had a dream in which he spent two nights at my home while giving speeches in the area. He was gracious to those in my home and to strangers who came by to shake his hand.”

KR: “My dream was several months ago. I was in a room with a lot of people, Mr.Donald J. Trump was being his brusk self, I finally was able to speak to him and ask him, “How can I pray for you?” He greatly softened and said, “Pray for my family.”

LP: “We were thinking about voting for a certain other candidate but were torn and prayed about it. That night, my husband had a dream that my son and other kids were playing on a roof and our son was about to fall off. Trump jumped and grabbed him by the feet, saving his life in the process. It was apparent that he had risked his life to do what he did.”

DO: “I had a dream about Trump last night too! I was in a hotel lobby with him and a bunch of other people. We were all very casual, laid back talking to him and amongst each other. He was very approachable and no pretense about him…”

Here is one of my wife’s dreams: The Donald Trump dream was probably back in January: My husband and I were with Donald Trump walking into a little breakfast restaurant. We sat down with him and we all ordered our food. Other patrons of the restaurant recognized Trump, so he got up and went around to their tables. He shook hands with many of them and sat down with them. Then his countenance changed—instead of looking like a bigshot billionaire, he became just like every regular guy in the restaurant, wearing a baseball cap, talking to the guys and kinda slouching in his chair just like them.”

SS: “I’ve had a few dreams about him. Actually God has been talking with me about him for years though, I will say this. In the second dream I had, I literally met Donald. The person. The heart inside of the man. It was epic and indescribable how I “felt” who he truly was. But here’s the thing. I was running from confronting what God had previously been showing me about him because I didn’t want to “deal” with that aspect of my calling. In the dream I was hiding in the shadows and Donald literally came to me. (He was my neighbor in the dream, living next door to me) He came up to me with such humility and kindness. Shook my hand and invited me into his home with his family. God sent the dream and then a prophet to me to gently rebuke me a few weeks later. She had no idea the rebuke was in regards to him but she knew I wasn’t standing up in my calling. I totally deserved it. God told me, now that I’ve shown you into the heart of Donald, how can you not stand for him and Me? As soon as I submitted my heart to the correction instead of running, I was quickened with a supernatural boldness that took over my feelings of inadequacy. This cannot be explained in words. Submission and correction is powerful. Too many in the Body run from this rather then seeing the wisdom and the fruit of it.”

Most of us see others through the eyes of our soul. We look at Trump and see his flaws. We see the pride, the greed and the arrogance. We perceive him to be a racist or woman-hater and we think such a man could never be God’s choice. The dreams people are having almost universally portray him as a compassionate, sincere, respectful and yes, even a deeply spiritual man who has the heart of a servant.

The picture you get of Trump from the dreams is nothing like how we see him in the natural. God looks at the heart. We look at just about everything else, because without the revelation from the Spirit about a person’s heart, we can only see what’s on the surface.

I suspect that God is revealing to the world through dreams things we would never know about Trump. Things he probably doesn’t even know about himself. And after all, isn’t that the purpose of prophetic revelation? Doesn’t it allow us to see the gold in people? Even people we don’t care for? It reveals the character, the destiny and the true heart of an individual that isn’t obvious to anyone, but God.

Part of the difficulty with being a prophetic person is that sometimes God chooses someone who in our eyes, doesn’t appear to be the right choice. Everything we see in them screams that they’re unqualified and unfit for the job. But God’s mind won’t be changed to suit our preferences. And these are the times when obeying Him can be terribly difficult.

Arizona held its presidential primary this week and I wasn’t able to vote. When I moved here and registered to vote, I accidentally left my party choice blank. So I wasn’t eligible to vote in the primary. But it may be just as well. My brain is telling me one thing, while my spirit is saying something else. Like many of you, I’m struggling to obey what God seems to be asking of me.

It’s going to be in interesting election year.

(If you’ve had a dream about Trump you’d like to share, please post it in a comment below.)

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A Kingdom View of Economic Collapse

This is an excerpt from my latest book, A Kingdom View of Economic Collapse.

On June 30th, 2015, after years of financial trouble, Greece failed to make a required payment to the International Monetary Fund and entered into a default on its sovereign debt. In light of Greece’s default and due to the proliferation of books predicting catastrophic judgments upon America (and the rest of the world) it seemed good to share what I’ve learned about economic collapse and how the kingdom of God responds to crisis.

You don’t need to look very far to find dire warnings of disaster being spoken by secular experts and religious leaders. Many financial experts have written books citing the reasons why they believe an economic collapse is approaching. At the same time, many religious leaders have shared prophetic warnings that we’re entering a time a great difficulty; some are predicting that the end of the world is at hand.

While I believe that some financial experts have given us an accurate assessment of the problems we face, what they lack is a divine perspective on the problem. And while religious leaders have good intentions, what they lack is an understanding of how financial systems work. What is most concerning is that neither camp has put forth a clear plan to help us survive such a crisis, much less rebuild in its aftermath.

The approach financial advisers generally take is to sign you up for their investing programs. They warn that your retirement savings are about to be wiped out and that if you pay them a fee, they’ll tell you where to invest your money. The main reason why many church leaders don’t offer a plan to survive or rebuild after a global crisis is that they don’t expect to be here. The popularity of the belief that the church will be taken into heaven in the rapture before a global crisis hits has prompted many theologians to abandon all thought of what the church’s responsibility might be in a post-crisis world.

After becoming a believer, I sat in a church pew and read my Bible. I learned all the reasons why the Great Tribulation was approaching, why the Antichrist was ready to be revealed, why the world was teetering on the brink of catastrophe, and most importantly, why we believers wouldn’t be around for all of that. Although I was told that God’s wrath was about to be poured out upon the earth, I was also assured that my King was going to appear and rescue me from it. During this time, I never witnessed a creative miracle and never saw anyone healed or set free of a demon. And although I learned a lot about the institution we call the church, I learned virtually nothing about what Jesus called the kingdom of God.

Then one night I had a dream. In the dream, I met God, and He had a few things He wanted to share with me. He said He wanted me to heal the sick, cast out demons, raise the dead and proclaim His kingdom.

The nerve of Him.

If He weren’t the Almighty, I might have given Him a piece of my mind. He spoke not a word about waiting for the rapture and nothing about witnessing to sinners or handing out tracts—things my pastor told me were top priorities. Since that day, I’ve had hundreds (perhaps thousands) more dreams and the subject hasn’t changed. Few, if any of them have portrayed the end of the world, the rise of a one-world government or world-ending disasters. Nearly all of them have to do with battling the kingdom of darkness, setting captives free, and using my time and energy to advance His kingdom.

I think we should ask a few questions of those who predict catastrophic events that are claimed to be judgment from an angry God:

What if the coming events are not actually the result of God’s wrath, but instead, the natural outworking of our own poor choices, or those of our elected leaders?

What if a global crisis strikes and the church is not removed from the earth beforehand?

Is your pastor teaching you what to do if the church survives a global catastrophe, or are all your hopes pinned on Jesus rescuing you from it?

It’s certainly more pleasant to think that we won’t be here when things get ugly, but we have no guarantee of that. And if we are destined to remain here, wouldn’t we be wise to spend a little time preparing, at least mentally, if not physically?

I don’t see any reason for us to fear the future. Whatever is coming, God can make us aware of it, and if He can make us aware of it, He can prepare us for it. I would encourage you to rest in the knowledge that God has a plan that He is working out in these events. If you’re positioned in Him, and prepared mentally for the challenges that lie ahead, you may find all of this to be a liberating experience, and not a terrifying one.

My intent with this book is to examine the topic of economic collapse from various perspectives. The book can be divided roughly into five sections: The first is a course on economics and finance. My goal with this section is to describe (in terms the average person can understand) how the financial systems of the world operate. In the second section, we’ll look at historic cases of economic collapse and the things that caused it. We’ll also identify which nations are at risk of experiencing economic collapse today. In the third section, we’ll look at the Greek debt crisis and I’ll offer a few observations on how we can avoid the same fate. In the fourth section I’ll share the dreams I’ve had that give a prophetic overview of the days ahead and I’ll discuss what I believe to be God’s purpose for these events. In the last section, we’ll look at how the  kingdom of God ought to respond to crisis.

A Kingdom View of Economic Collapse is available only as an e-book. It can be found by clicking on this link or by clicking on the image below. 



This message is based on a dream that I had on April 27, 2012 (Memorial Day weekend here in the US).

The Dream

I was an observer in the dream. I watched as a large group of people met to debate the design of a bracelet called the “Freedom Bracelet”.

The meetings were conducted somewhat like congressional hearings. People who wanted to voice their opinions were called to a podium and given a chance to address everyone in the room. There were many people who spoke at the meetings. The issue was the creation of a bracelet, which citizens of this nation would be allowed to wear.

There was an interesting feature to the bracelet. It contained (hidden inside, where no one could see it) a piece of metal that had the word “GOD” engraved on it. This piece was carefully crafted and hidden inside each bracelet.

Some people wanted the bracelet to have the hidden affirmation of God, but some opposed it. Those who were opposed wanted other things to be included instead. One woman’s testimony was highlighted in the dream. She made a strong emotional plea to allow the “God” part to remain inside the bracelet. She said “I don’t even name the name of God, but this bracelet is so important to who we are as a people, it must be made this way.”

At the end of the dream I saw the bracelet, which was beautifully made of a copper or bronze metal, with fine, flowing curves. It had a flat piece on the widest part that had inscribed in a handwritten font the word FREEDOM. The affirmation of God hidden inside was allowed to remain a part of it.

Freedom to Think

In 1989 the Berlin wall came down, signaling the end of an era. Ever since WW II, Eastern Europe had been separated from the West and had lived under political tyranny. Let me describe briefly what that looked like as told by Christian missionaries who visited Albania in the early 1990’s”

When they arrived in Albania, nothing could have prepared them for what they would encounter. The missionaries visited villages and told people about the God of the bible, about Jesus, and the free gift of salvation. Their message was accepted by nearly everyone, without so much as a single objection. The Albanian people told the missionaries, “Just tell us what to believe and we’ll believe it.”

The missionaries were stunned at this reaction. They’d never met people who were so unable to think for themselves or weigh the things they heard to decide if they were true. For 40 years, those who lived behind the iron curtain were told what to believe, without having any opposing views available for consideration. In Albania, the government published an approved curriculum, which was the only world-view available to them. An entire generation grew up thinking it was normal to be told what to think and not question it.

The missionaries noted there was only one type of furniture available for people to own. Every home looked nearly identical inside and out. There was a very limited selection of clothing available. The government didn’t want diversity introduced into the culture, so they restricted freedom of choice as much as possible.

There are still places in the world where only one set of ideas about life are available. All opposing views are outlawed. Here in America, we have perhaps the greatest freedoms of thought, expression and lifestyle of any nation on earth. People here love freedom deeply and many of them don’t know the God that makes freedom possible.

I believe God cares very passionately about freedom of thought, freedom of expression, freedom of worship and all the other freedoms we humans are allowed to have. He gave us freedom and free will for a very necessary purpose. Although His desire is for us to conform our will to His, the more freedom one has to reject Him, the more valuable it is when they surrender and choose Him.

I’m not able to say whether God favors war for the purpose of preserving freedom of choice. That question is bigger than my understanding of His ways. I prefer to believe freedom is a cause worth fighting for, but I’m not sure the battle is against flesh and blood. I think the wisest battle is against the spiritual forces of darkness that prop up leaders who create societies of bondage, tyranny and spiritual darkness.

Naked and Open – The Fed’s New Threads

On June 9 2013, I had the following dream:

A number  of people, who were respected citizens and not prone to scandalous behavior had secretly been parading around outside their homes at night naked, thinking no one was watching. Someone had taken photographs of them and brought the photographs to their attention in an attempt to get them to change their behavior. The photos were not used to blackmail or extort money. They were only used as evidence in an attempt to get these people to come to their senses.

[This was the content of the dream]


The night I had this dream, I watched an interview with Edward Snowden, the former NSA and CIA contractor who revealed himself as the one who leaked the story about the government’s PRISM operation to the British newspaper The Guardian. (PRISM is a secret data collection program that has been highly classified.)

In recent weeks, the US government has been embroiled in one controversy after another. The Justice Department, the IRS and now the NSA, CIA and FBI are taking heat for what are perceived to be highly unethical practices involving harassment and surveillance.  They’ve been caught red-handed and exposed by whistle-blowers who felt it was time the public knew the truth.

Snowden is a unique case in the growing trend of whistle-blowers coming forward with incriminating evidence about government activities.  Most have sought anonymity and protection, but not Snowden. Knowing that he would potentially face decades in prison, he chose to go public – basically daring the government to apprehend and prosecute him.

The Justice Department is considering whether or not to extradite Snowden and prosecute him. The most likely charge will be treason. They feel that whistle-blowers are compromising the safety and security of the nation and ought to be punished.

President Obama has responded to criticism of government activity by saying: “Let’s have that discussion...” It seems like the President is interested in talking about the issues.

When Snowden was asked why he leaked the information to the press, he explained that he wanted to open a public discussion about what the government was up to. I’m not sure if the President was sincere when he asked for a public discussion, but he’s going to get one. In the debate over government surveillance, it looks like  Snowden will take the platform first.

So what exactly is the government up to?

Quoting from his interview with the Washington Post, Snowden said:

“Any analyst at any time can target anyone. Any selector. Anywhere. I, sitting at my desk, had the authority to wiretap anyone, from you or your accountant to a federal judge to even the president if I had a personal email.”

No court orders. No warrants. We’re all just an e-mail away from having the government know the most intimate details of our lives.

In response – James Clapper (Director of National Intelligence) testified before congress that he knows nothing about such massive data collection programs.

I guess we’ll learn more about what the government is and is not doing as the discussion unfolds.

In a note accompanying the first set of documents he provided to the Guardian, Snowden wrote:

I understand that I will be made to suffer for my actions,” but “I will be satisfied if the federation of secret law, unequal pardon and irresistible executive powers that rule the world that I love are revealed even for an instant.”

Snowden wants the naked truth to be revealed. In Hebrews 4:13, it says:

“All things are naked and open to the eyes of Him to whom we must give account.”

God knows what’s going on. I suspect that He’s bringing people forward to reveal the things He sees happening in secret in the hope that those responsible  will change their behavior.

It may be a good idea to pray for the truth to be revealed and for justice to be done in these matters.

Eric Snowden quotes were taken from this article:

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