Beautiful are the Feet

“I love my neighborhood. It’s a quiet Mormon community. No drugs, no guns being fired in the middle of the night. It’s perfect.”

“Do the Mormons come around and try to convert you?” The woman asked.

“I’m a Buddhist,” Kim replied (not her real name) . “I have a large statue of Buddha sitting in the entry to my home. They take one look at him and realize I’m not interested in their religion.”

“Who is Buddha?” the woman asked.

“He’s a spiritual leader….like Jesus.”

Kim continued talking as she worked on my wife’s feet. She lives just a few miles from us, but commutes to Cave Creek, where she does pedicures and manicures at a spa. My wife had been threatening for years to take me in to get a pedicure. We’re on vacation and I didn’t have a good reason not to go, so I finally surrendered. My dry, cracked feet were being cared for a by a young woman name Sandy, whose English was hard for me to understand. She communicated mostly by tapping on one foot or the other, gesturing for me to put it back in the water bath or remove it.

Kim and I talked as she worked on my wife’s feet. We’d found common ground. She graduated from the University of Washington nursing school and had worked at the UW hospital and at Harborview, including a brief stint as a charge nurse in the ER. I’d brought a lot of patients into Harborview. The more we talked, the more she wondered if we’d met before. I knew she would recognize one patient, who was a frequent flyer at Harborview. I asked if she remembered Cecil. Her face lit up. “Oh man, we treated him so many times. I remember  one time when he vomited all over me.” I told her the story of how he got clean and sober. She was astounded.

Kim got up to get some supplies she needed. She mentioned that her big toe was sore after accidentally kicking one of the wooden cabinets. I relaxed as Sandy pampered my feet, confident the Holy Spirit was about to open a door.

When my wife’s feet were done, Kim led her to a chair at a counter where she began working on her nails. My masculinity had suffered all the assault it could take for one day. I wasn’t willing to risk losing my man card by having my nails done.  I listened as Denise told Kim about the books I’d written, including the one on divine healing.  Sandy wrapped my legs and feet in warm towels that seemed to be soaked in menthol. They tingled like they were submerged in a cloud of glory.

When Sandy had finished my pedicure, I took a seat at the counter next to Denise. Kim was just finishing her nails. She gave Denise a total bill for the pedicure and manicure and Denise handed her a debit card. Kim went to the register to process the transaction. “Kim, I’d like to talk with you about your toe when you get back.” She shot me a suspicious glance, but kept walking.

When she returned, I asked her to take a seat next to me. “So tell me a little more about your toe.”

She pulled up a chair. “Well like I said, I accidentally kicked this wooden cabinet and it hurts like crazy.”

“Do you think it’s broken?”

“I don’t know, but it’s bruised, swollen and pretty painful.”

I’d like to see if I can get it healed. I’ve seen a few miracles…”

“I know… Denise told me.”

“Okay, right. So how about you put your foot on my knee?” She blushed and turned away. “Hey, it’s okay. You can trust me.” She looked back at me as if she sensed something important was about to happen. She took her shoe off and with reluctance, gently placed her foot on my knee. “On a scale from one to ten, how bad is the pain. You’re a nurse, so you should be good at this.”

“It’s about an eight,” she said laughing.

I placed my hand about an inch from her toe. “I command bones. ligaments, muscles nerves and soft tissue to be healed. I command spirits of pain to leave. I command inflammation to leave. Toe, be healed right now.” I asked if she felt anything.

She smiled, “Yeah, it feels like… tingling.”

Well my legs are tingling, too. But I don’t have any menthol on my hands, so it’s not from me. Move your toe around. Does it still hurt?”

She wiggled her toe. “It doesn’t hurt at all. It feels great!”

“Are you sure?”


“Okay, do me  a favor…can I take a picture of your foot?”

“Let me put my shoe back on.”kims-foot-healed-praying-medic

Kim was excited to be healed and asked for my website and Facebook information, which I wrote on her notepad. Denise and I both gave her a hug before leaving. I’m glad I finally gave in a got a pedicure. But even more glad Jesus came along and showed Kim who He really is.

How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who proclaims peace, who brings glad tidings of good things.
Isa 52:7

Don’t Panic

When I feel inspired to write, I try to make the most of the opportunity, which is why I’m almost never without my laptop computer. Between calls, I can usually be found in the quietest part of the building, pecking away at a blog post or the chapter of a book. A few days ago, I pulled my laptop from its case, plugged it into a wall outlet in a hospital waiting room and hit the power switch.

Nothing happened.

All the little green and red diodes on the front panel remained dark. It took my mind about five hundredths of a second to process all the possible explanations. And for a moment, I was overcome with a sense of panic.

Don’t panic, I thought to myself. Maybe the outlet isn’t working. I unplugged the power cord from the wall and plugged it in to another outlet nearby.


I found a different room and tried plugging it into several outlets in that room and still there were no illuminated lights. The diodes remained completely dark. This was not good, but I had one more thought. Maybe the power cord itself was bad. I went to my ambulance and found the power cord for the computer we use to chart calls. It happens to use the same voltage as my computer. It was connected to our work laptop and it was working perfectly. I removed the plug from that computer and plugged it into mine.


So it wasn’t a lack of power and it wasn’t a bad cord. There was some internal problem with my laptop that was preventing it from powering up. The sense of panic returned. The laptop I own is a Panasonic Toughbook. These computers are used by the military, law enforcement and EMS because they’re nearly indestructible. I’ve had for five years, and although it’s suffered its share of abuse, it’s never failed me. It’s the best laptop I’ve ever owned. And now it was deader than dead. I was in the middle of writing a book and the hassle of getting a replacement and transferring the files to another computer was not something I looked forward to. And then another thought came to me.

Why don’t you just pray for it to be resurrected?

Yes, I thought. That’s the ticket. I need to pray for it. But first, I need a little breakfast and a cup of coffee.

I left the laptop in the ambulance and went inside the hospital. I found the cafeteria and ordered a breakfast sandwich and a cup of coffee, then took a seat at a table. I began recalling some of the dead electronic devices and broken cars I’d seen God heal over the last few years. As I thought about these testimonies, and the awesomeness of God, the panic I felt earlier was gradually being replaced by faith. God had done it before. Why wouldn’t He do it again?

I finished the sandwich and walked back to the ambulance with my cup of coffee. I opened the side door and placed the dead computer on the floor. I placed my hand on it and began making declarations. I said that that the computer would live and not die. It would be resurrected from the dead and it would work as it was supposed to. I felt even more faith (confidence in God) as I prayed, and after a couple of minutes, I felt as though it was done. I plugged the laptop’s power cord in to the outlet in the ambulance and the red diode for the battery charge indicator immediately came on. I hit the power switch. The hard drive hummed and the other diodes sprang to life. My beloved laptop had just been raised from the dead.

I took it back to the waiting area where this story began. I plugged it in and it charged without problems off the same outlet I tried without success 30 minutes earlier.

My encouragement for you is to believe that God wants to do miracles for you—even miracles involving electronic devices. All things are possible for those who believe. So the next time something goes haywire, don’t panic. Think about the things God has already done, and by faith—expect Him to do the impossible again. You’ll have one more testimony you can share with the world about the incredible goodness of God.



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