8kun Update October 19, 2019

This is an update on the battle to get 8chan back online which would provide an opportunity for Qanon to post again. I’d like to start this off with a dream that may be relevant.

In the dream that I had last night, an unknown person was trying to send messages. It wasn’t clear who the intended audience was, but the messages were being blocked. As the dream progressed, fragments of the messages became visible to me but not to the public. I didn’t understand the message fragments because they were written in Chinese. (This was the second dream I had in the last week where I saw messages written in Chinese that someone was trying to send.)

Why are the dreams relevant?

I didn’t understand the point of them until this morning when I was scrolling through my Twitter feed and ran across an article about Qanon published by Vice. The article contained the usual disinformation about Q and 8chan but it also provided some insights about the problems Jim Watkins and his company NT Technology are experiencing as they try to bring 8chan back online. (For those who are not aware, 8chan has changed its name to 8kun. When the website comes back online, it will use the domain 8kun.net.)

I’ve been following the live stream videos posted by 8kun owner Jim Watkins on his YouTube channel. I’m also monitoring the Twitter account of his son, Ron Watkins (Codemonkey) who runs the technical side of things. They were hoping to have the website back online by the 17th (Thursday) and they did have it live for about 20 minutes but it went offline and has not been available to the public since. On Friday, when people asked about the odd error message they received when trying to access the website, Ron replied with this tweet.

At present, it seems 8kun is technically able to go live at any time. The problem is the continued effort by their enemies to keep internet providers from hosting their website. Vice’s article explained the problem:

Jim Watkins said he was aiming to get the site live by Thursday, Oct. 17, but that effort failed when a UK-based provider he had been using, Zare, dropped support.


“We are not willing to provide services to 8chan or 8kun,” Zare spokesman Harry Beasant told VICE News. “We have had no contact with anyone called Jim Watkins. I can only assume the details used when they signed up were fake, which is why we were not aware they were on our network until informed.”


On Friday, NT Technology revealed a new strategy to try and get 8kun back online and keep it there.


In the early hours of Friday morning, 8kun.net came online briefly, and analysis of its traffic shows that it was being routed through the cloud computing services of Tencent and Alibaba, two of China’s biggest tech companies.


Ron Watkins told VICE News that U.S. company VanwaTech is now providing hosting services for 8kun, and said that he had no say in where they rout the traffic to and from the site. “I have no input in how they setup their routing, but it now seems to be much more robust than a few days ago.” VanwaTech’s CEO Nick Lim confirmed to VICE News that his company was providing services to 8kun but he was not aware of the issues surrounding 8chan.

The article goes on to deride Watkins for allowing 8kun to be routed through cloud computing services located in China.

“All posts, and all IP information, everything, are going to be sent directly to the Chinese Communist Party because that is a requirement of a Chinese ISP,”

And that makes me wonder if my dreams weren’t showing me that Q’s messages (the unknown person in the dream) are going to be routed through China (a country that speaks Chinese). And that Q is willing to post again, but his messages are being blocked by those who are keeping 8kun offline.

It seems that for now, when it comes back online 8kun will be hosted by VanwaTech (unless they cave in to political pressure). In his latest broadcast (see the video below), Jim Watkins explained their problems and the solutions they’re considering, including the possibility of forgoing traditional internet hosting in favor of a distributed hosting model that would have users run a copy of 8kun on their computers (a concept similar to blockchain technology).

When 8kun is back online, I’ll let you know, and of course, if Q returns, I’ll have another update. As far as I can tell, websites and mobile apps that display Q’s posts will still deliver them once the software is updated to pull data from the new 8kun website.

October 6, 2019 Update

I’m currently adding information to past Q posts on this website. When available, the thread of posts from Twitter will appear under each Q video. (A few threads were destroyed by Twitter and will not be available). In addition to twitter threads, links will also appear below each Q video. When available, a link to a downloadable PDF version of the Twitter thread will appear. There will also be a link to each thread on the Threader App. The Threader App enables Twitter threads to be read like a blog post and shared on any social media platform. Videos embedded in a Twitter thread can be viewed on Threader.

We are still working on the first Q book. We do not have an estimated launch date but we’re making steady progress and hope to have the first volume completed soon.

Lastly, there is news to report from Codemonkey on the relaunch of 8chan.

Once 8chan is back online, Q may return. We don’t have a date for 8chan to be online but they are making progress. If I hear anything from Codemonkey, I’ll let you know. Please keep the 8chan team and the President in prayer.

Jim Watkins: 8chan Will be Back Online in a Few Days

Q hasn’t posted in over a month while 8chan has been offline. 8chan owner Jim Watkins testified before the House Homeland Security Committee on September 5th. Jack Posobiec sat down with Watkins to discuss the questions he was asked by the committee and he talked about the future of 8chan. Rather than succumb to pressure from critics, Watkins said he is going to bring 8chan back online. In order to prevent future service interruptions, he’s building his own version of Cloudflare—the tech provider that cut service to 8chan. Watkins expects 8chan to be back online in a few days. Q may return once 8chan is back online.

August 29, 2019 News Update

I haven’t published any videos, podcasts or articles in the last few weeks because I’ve been working on the Q books. I did want to share my thoughts on a couple of recent news stories.

Comey IG Report

This morning, the DOJ Inspector General report on James Comey’s leaking of memos was made public. There were no big surprises in the report but the decision not to prosecute Comey for leaking has understandably caused anger and disappointment. This is, however, not new information. The fact that Comey would not be prosecuted for leaking was first reported on August 1st and there is a good reason for that decision. Department of Justice policy is to prosecute the most serious and most readily provable charges available. Leaking memos is not a serious charge nor is Comey’s criminal intent readily provable. Legal experts agree that making a solid case against Comey for leaking would be difficult. Q has indicated that more serious and more readily provable charges await Mister Comey.

qanon praying medic
Andrew McCabe

Many people have expressed fear that corrupt government officials won’t be prosecuted. Last night, former Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker explained that Andrew McCabe’s legal team meeting with a Deputy Attorney General was a strong indicator that McCabe’s indictment is imminent.

Q and 8chan

Q has been silent during the month of August because 8chan has been voluntarily taken offline by its owner, Jim Watkins, who is scheduled to testify before Congress on September 5th.

Codemonkey is a technician who helps keep 8chan running. He said 8chan will go back online sometime after September 5th. I anticipate Q will return sometime after that. Codemonkey is asking us to be respectful but vocal in the days before Watkins testifies. I plan to be vocal on Twitter, specifically, tweeting to the House Homeland Dems (@HomelandDems).

Hurricane Dorian

With a major hurricane bearing down on Florida, I’m asking believers to pray and intercede as they are led. Perhaps we can diminish the force of the storm or change its course.

hurricane dorian

Thank you for your continued prayer,