Qanon July 27 – Declass is Here

Q provides a link to the first document to be declassified by Attorney General William Barr and we get more information about Jeffrey Epstein.

Qanon July 22 – Traitors One and All

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Last night, Q reposted a number of older messages that will be important to understand as the President and his team move to the next phase of their operation.

After Robert Mueller testified yesterday, Q reposted this message from August of 2018 explaining how the Obama administration set up their spying operation against the Trump campaign.

7) Link to image: …

8) Q wrote this at the top of the post:

Special Approval

I would assume this part is relevant but how is it relevant?

Who approved of the spying operation?
And why?

9) The link near the top of the post takes you to this article about how Loretta Lynch and the DOJ granted Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya special entry to the United States on multiple occasions in 2015 and 2016. …

10) Russian attorney Natalya Veselnitskaya is a murky figure in the Spygate operation. To understand her part, it will help to create a timeline of events related to her.

11) In October of 2015, (13 months before the 2016 presidential election) Veselnitskaya applied for a visa to represent her client, Denis Katsyv, the owner of Prevezon Holdings, a Cyprus-based company that was being sued by the US government. …

12) Veselnitskaya’s visa request was denied. The Department of Justice then took a highly unusual step, permitting her to come to the US under “immigration parole” which allowed her to travel here for court proceedings from October of 2015 through January 7, 2016.

13) Veselnitskaya was permitted entry in October by the DOJ (headed by Loretta Lynch) because her client was being deposed.

In March of 2016, US Attorney Preet Bharara denied a second request saying she and her client were not required to appear. …

14) In June of 2016 Veselnitskaya was allowed back into the US, this time by the State Department (under John Kerry). That move was questioned by some since according to the DOJ, Veselnitskaya had no legitimate reason to return at that time. …

15) Why did the State Department approve Veselniytskaya’s return to the U.S. in June when her only legitimate reason for returning would be a hearing she would not be required to attend? The hearing would be held 5 months later & the request would normally be handled by the DOJ.

16) On June 3, 2016, Rob Goldstone emailed Donald Trump Jr. saying Russian pop star Emin Agalarov asked him to arrange a meeting to provide the Trump campaign with opposition research that would incriminate Hillary.
[Bait] …

17) Worth Noting:
Don Jr. didn’t know at the time who he’d be meeting with or what information would be provided.

18) On June 6th, Don Trump Jr. made contact with Emin Agalarov and another party on a blocked number. …

19) Trump haters accused Don Jr. of calling Donald Trump Senior that day but in fact, he called a couple of business associates. …

20) On June 7, Don Trump Jr. confirmed a meeting with himself, Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner for June 9th. …

21) We now know that Veselnitskaya met with Dem/Clinton operative Glen Simpson (of Fusion GPS) the day before, the day of, and the day after the Trump Tower meeting with Don Jr, Kushner and Manafort. …

22) Why would the head of Fusion GPS (Glen Simpson) meet with Veselnitskaya before and after her meeting with members of the Trump team?
What is a mission briefing?
What is a mission debriefing?

23) Jun 9th:
Don Jr. didn’t know he would meet with Veselnitskaya who offered no info on Hillary Clinton. Instead, she made a case for changes to the Magnitsky Act, a cause for which Vladimir Putin had giver her virtually unlimited resources as a lobbyist. …

24) The promise of dirt on Hillary was used as bait to get Trump’s people into the meeting. Once there, they were now known to the Obama administration and his intelligence community as having met with a Russian lawyer and intelligence operative.

25) The Trump-Russia conspiracy quickly gained traction thanks to a complicit press corps that pushed that narrative for the next 2 years.

26) The way in which Veselnitskaya was used by the Obama intelligence community to obtain a FISA surveillance warrant on Paul Manafort was just an example.

A similar tactic was used to obtain FISA surveillance on George Papadopoulos, Carter Page, and General Flynn.

27) After yesterday’s hearing, it’s apparent that Robert Mueller was not the functional leader of the Russia investigation nor the author of the final report. Rather, the leader was probably Andrew Weissmann. …

28) Weissmann is known for unethical practices like pressuring suspects to give him what he wants or suffering painful consequences.

His tactics are highlighted in this article about an offer he made to Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash. …

29) We can now see Weissmann’s tactics at work in the Mueller investigation. General Flynn was pressured to confess to lying or his family would be ruined. Papadopoulos was likewise pressured to sign a confession.
The illegal surveillance tactics required targets to be silenced.

30) Moving further down the original post, Q lays out the way in which domestic FISA surveillance is combined with surveillance assistance from foreign countries like the UK and Australia.

31) Q wrote:

We’re all connected to a network of people.

32) A person under surveillance has a circle of contacts. Each of their contacts has a circle of contacts. Each of those contacts has a circle of contacts.

Each circle of contacts is called a “hop.”

33) FISA surveillance was designed to give the intelligence community and law enforcement the ability to track terror suspects and people in their spheres of influence. It was designed to help prevent national security emergencies.

34) There is always a risk that powerful tools will be used for corrupt purposes by evil people.

That is what happened to our surveillance tools.

35) Upstream collection is when a target’s name appears somewhere in a message or in the “to” or “from” field. Upstream collection returns a large data set.

Downstream is when a name appears in a “to” or “from” field.

The NSA ended Upstream collection. …

36) In the last part of the original post, Q explained the typical surveillance tactic using hops (P,X,Y and Z) and then described what seems to be an atypical arrangement involving the insertion of human spies (HUMINT) and “NON_FISA_WARRANT_SPEC_OPS”

37) Last night Q posted this.

There are many old posts we’ll be looking into that are worth remembering.

38) Q reposted a graphic from last years’ Inspector General report on the FBI’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Link to IG report: …

39) The graphic shows the type and frequency of interactions between FBI employees and reporters.

The number on an arrow between a reporter and an FBI employee indicates the number of times they were in communication. …

40) The above image is labeled attachment “H.”
It can be found in the last few pages of the DOJ IG report. …

41) Last years’ Inspector General report had much to say about the FBI’s tendency to leak classified information to the media for political purposes.

(Chapters 10, 11, and 12 of the report have detailed information on that.) …

42) Tempted to say “Who cares?”

Consider this:

Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and former Chief Counsel James Baker lost their jobs because they leaked information to the media. Both face criminal prosecution. …

43) Chuck Grassley and Devin Nunes have made multiple criminal referrals to the DOJ for leaking.

AG Barr has confirmed there are multiple investigations underway. …

44) One of the placeholders Q posted has to do with leaks.

(This placeholder is not connected to the pending Inspector General’s report.)

45) Another placeholder has to do with the pending OIG report and its expected finding regarding media collusion with the FBI, DOJ, Obama Executive Branch, and intelligence agencies (ABC’s).


47) FISA abuse was part of an illegal attempt to remove a duly elected President (Trump).
[treason remove DE_POTUS]

The midyear investigation was an attempt to clear Hillary Clinton of guilt regarding the mishandling of her emails so she could be President.

48) Many people were involved in both investigations.
If you want a predetermined outcome, the best way to guarantee it is to make sure people are on the case who can deliver the desired outcome.

49) The graphic in the above post shows the chain of command for the FBI’s investigation of Hillary’s emails — the so-called “Midyear Exam.”

Everyone in the chain of command was loyal to the predetermined outcome.

Most of these employees have been fired.

50) Spygate conspirators from the FBI & DOJ and their employment status as of February.

Some people refuse to believe anything is being done about corruption in these agencies but the mere fact that all these people have been removed stands as evidence that things are happening

51) In February, Q highlighted 4 remaining people to track and follow.

3 of them were in the chain of command on the Hillary email investigation.

As far as I can tell, all 4 are still employed with the bureau.

52) In April of 2018, Q said Bill Priestap, Peter Strzok, and Lisa Page were still employed by the FBI, but their power had been removed and they were cooperating witnesses.

(It is easier to get an employee to cooperate with an investigation if they’re still employed.)

53) Since then, Strzok, Page, and Priestap have left the FBI.

I would assume that any Spygate conspirators who are still employed at the FBI or DOJ are cooperating witnesses who will be fired and perhaps prosecuted once their cooperation with the investigation has ended.

54) According to Conservapedia, Kevin Clinesmith was Attorney #2 listed in the OIG report. He worked on the Clinton email investigation and as part of the Mueller team, interviewed George Papadopoulos. …

55) According to Conservapedia, Tashina Gauhar is a Deputy Assistant Attorney General with the DOJ National Security Division. 

56) According to Conservapedia, Sally Moyer works in the FBI General Counsel’s office. 

57) Jason V Herring was FBI liaison to Capitol Hill who explained the FBI’s decision not to prosecute Hillary despite the fact that she sent and received classified emails on her unsecured server. …

60) Q posted the chain of command diagram for the FBI’s “Midyear Exam”

(I created a new graphic)

61) Q reposted a prior drop and asked why Bruce Ohr was still employed by the Department of Justice.

We learned previously that his wife Nellie Ohr spent time at the CI_A’s training facility “The Farm” and we know she did Russia-related research for Fusion GPS.

62) Bruce Ohr is still employed at the DOJ because he’s a cooperating witness who’s testifying against Spygate conspirators in an effort to save his wife.

63) As a member of the Congressional Intelligence “Gang of 8,” Adam Schiff knows exactly what did and did not happen regarding Russian interference in the 2016 election.

64) Not thinking the gang of 8 briefings would ever be declassified and made public, Schiff has (knowingly) lied to the public about many things.

Unfortunately for leaking, lying, little Adam, the truth is about to be revealed.

65) If you’re new to Q, you might be wondering what the bloody hell this is.

Since we’re about to see declassified intelligence products from the operation against Donald Trump, we’ll need a guide to understanding the information.

This is our guide to DECLAS.

Decode below 👇

66) I’ll do the decode from this graphic taken from the 8chan board. …

67) In the above graphic, each line of text is a coded message describing people and agencies involved in the spying operation (Spyop) the Obama administration deployed against Donald Trump.

To understand the operation, it must be broken down into sections, line by line.

68) The top line of the SpyOp post describes the Obama (Hussein) White House (WH) involvement.

Revealing individuals and agencies involved is a matter of decoding the initials of people who worked in the Obama White House.

69) Here’s the decode for the first line.

Arrows connect people or agencies

Note: John Kerry is in 3 sets of brackets [kill box]

70 This gives us the White House level players in SpyOp and their connection to Hillary and the DNC according to Q.

71) The next line down in the SpyOp post describes the involvement of intelligence agencies.

Decode below. 👇

72) The CI_A & the Director of National Intelligence were involved.

NSA recorded Loretta Lynch & Bill Clinton’s meeting on the tarmac which will eventually be released to the public.

*CLAS 1-5 has no confirmed decode but I’m assuming it refers to unnamed intelligence assets.

73) This graphic shows the intelligence agencies and their involvement in SpyOp.

74) The next line down represents the Department of Justice involvement in SpyOp.

Decode below 👇

75) Here’s the decode for the DOJ involvement in SpyOp.

76) This graphic shows DOJ employees involved in SpyOp.

Note: Bruce Ohr is known to have been the DOJ contact for former British Spy Christopher Steele.

77) The next line down shows the FBI’s involvement in SpyOp.

78) Here’s the decode for the above stringer.

79) Here’s the graphic for the above decode.

80) The next line down describes how intelligence was leaked from heads of the Obama intelligence agencies to the media to push the Russia collusion narrative.

81) Here’s the decode.

Note: John McCain has been indicated in Q posts as “no name” or “we don’t say his name”

82) Here’s the graphic.

Intel Agency heads provided information for the President’s daily brief (PDB).

Included in the PDB was classified info on private citizens who were unmasked by Susan Rice.

83) Obama’s Presidential Daily Brief went to more than 30 people. …

84) What did Obama’s staff do with the information?

Evelyn Farkas explained their justification for leaking intelligence to the press in the last days of Obama’s presidency.

85) The next line down describes the connections between people who created, paid for and distributed the opposition research that was used to spy on Donald Trump.

86) Here’s the decode.

87) Washington Free Beacon contracted Fusion GPS to start the oppo research but they abandoned it.

Perkins Coie/DNC paid Fusion GPS to continue it.
Steele compiled the info and gave it to McCain.
McCain handed it off to the FBI.

88) The next line down describes how American politicians and James Comey colluded with the UK government and its intelligence agencies to illegally spy on candidate Trump.

89) Here’s the decode.

Christopher Steele facilitated the transfer of information.

90) Here’s the graphic.

I included the two most recent UK Prime Ministers since SpyOp began in 2015 when Cameron was still at the helm.

91) There were 4 meetings between the team.

*Bill Clinton was a go-between.

Tarmac Meeting was the last meeting

Obama used 3 National Security orders for spying

Trump will declassify them

False FISAs activated the spying

UK assisted as CI_A has no domestic spying authority


93) Q has previously suggested that during the Tarmac meeting, Bill Clinton & Loretta Lynch updated each other on how the operation was going. Lynch agreed Hillary would not be prosecuted. In exchange, Lynch would be given a Supreme Court seat when Ruth Bader Ginsburg retired.

Long day.
Need sleep.
I’ll pick up where I left off in the morning.

95) Q warned the enemies of the President that their corruption would be exposed when POTUS declassifies information they never thought would be made public.

96) Many of us have been waiting for declass. In an interview with Sean Hannity in April, POTUS explained that it was wise to wait on declassification. If he had done it before Robert Mueller was finished with his investigation, he would have been accused of obstruction.

97) Only a few minutes after Robert Mueller’s testimony was done, Q posted a link to a document hosted on the Office of Director of National Intelligence website.

98) The document, previously classified at the “Secret” level, describes changes made to the NSA’s procedures for disseminating raw signals intelligence information. …

99) Signals intelligence (SIGINT) is any form of communication done via an electronic signal, whether phone, text, email, radio or other forms of communication. …

100) An anon responded.

101) Q directed us to check out the signature page and said the document had been declassified for a specific reason.

102) An anon noted the document was signed by then-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and Attorney General Loretta Lynch shortly after Donald Trump was elected.

Q reposted the comment.

103) Signature page. …

104) Jay Sekulow explained why the changes were made to the NSA intelligence-sharing procedures. The new policy opened the floodgate for agencies to release information that could be leaked to the press in an effort to undermine Trump’s Presidency. …

105) On the first page is information about classification.

An anon noted the document was scheduled to be declassified in 2041 but it was declassified a few days ago— 22 years earlier than expected.

106) Q told anons to archive and save the document as it will become extremely important.

107) Anons realized this is the first of many documents to be declassified.



110) I would assume this document has been declassified first because it’s a smoking gun that shows the public the measures taken by the Obama administration to undermine Donald Trump’s Presidency.

111) @ChristinePolon1 found 3 consecutive occurrences of the word “knowingly” in the declassified document (referenced above). Q has used the word “knowingly” in a similar manner.


Look what I found from the pdf Q just posted. Mind blowing. The words KNOWINGLY, KNOWINGLY, KNOWINGLY. Gang of Eight. C, D, and E.

View image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on Twitter
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112) Q responded, suggesting that this was not the purpose for posting the link to the document.

113) Last night, Q asked us to watch POTUS as he was interviewed by Sean Hannity.

114) Q confirmed a previous post that indicated Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats would be replaced.

(When someone is about to leave their current job, Q indicates their departure with hashtags and the word “fly” before and after their name.)

115) An anon heard John Solomon say on Hannity’s radio show that next week:

• Dan Coats would be gone.
• We’ll get news from US Attorney John Durham.
• We can expect documents to be declassified.

Q reposted the anon’s comment.

(Solomon may have news on Hannity tonight)

116) @kbq225 tweeted this about former President Obama.

Karli Bonne’⭐️⭐️⭐️@kbq225

When has the President ever been wrong? Kenya will soon be home

Embedded video

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117) Q responded.

118) Information on Obama’s family and the CI_A. …



121) An anon posted a picture of the President’s tweet regarding Loretta Fuddy’s death.

Q reposted it.

122) POTUS Tweet

Donald J. Trump


How amazing, the State Health Director who verified copies of Obama’s “birth certificate” died in plane crash today. All others lived

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123) News story about Loretta Fuddy’s death. …

124) @intheMatrixxx post on the video of the plane crash.


5/20/18 Post 1430
We exposed the password [#91] on purpose [23].
Subsequent posts [on here] were then made by Anons.
Timestamps verify.
Use Logic.
Be careful who you follow.
Q !

View image on Twitter


Video. Can you see the “Frogman diver” come up from under the water near Fuddy?
Frogman kills Fuddy?
“The Truth has been in front of you the entire time.”
Are we seeing a live [187]? !

Embedded video

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125) From @FlGHTlNGlRlSH

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126) Q responded to @FlGHTlNGlRlSH


128) Google redefining the word “patriot?”

It’s all about controlling the narrative and through it, controlling public perception.

Enemy of the (free) People.


Devin Nunes


Corn ready for to be cut!

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132) 5×5 or 5:5 = “loud and clear” or understood.



135) Was Devin Nunes tweet a hint to get the popcorn ready?

136) From Thursday.

137) I’ve been sitting here wondering why Q decided to bring up Obama’s past.

Maybe this is why.

Tthread reader

Qanon June 27, 2019 – Future Comms: On Ready

Q warned us today to be ready. I believe it’s a warning about the coming declassification of Spygate documents and a warning about increasing censorship.

Qanon May 26 2019 – The Circular Firing Squad

Twitter Thread

Twitter Thread PDF

Threader …

Audio podcast …

Video podcast …

After more than a month’s absence, Q has returned.

Instead of posting to the /Qresearch/ board, we have the first posts on the /PatriotsFight/ board since last November.

The message?

Be ready.

Ready for what?

3) If you view Q’s posts on one of the websites that aggregates them from 8chan, you’ll find a hyperlinked number in the top of the post.

Clicking the number will take you to the 8chan board.

3 digit numbers are from /PatriotsFight/

7 digit numbers are from //Qresearch/

4) Q posts on 2 different boards.

/Qresearch/ allows anons to comment …

/PatrotsFight/ is Q’s private board where no outside comments are allowed. …

6) On September 11, 2017, Q deleted some posts on the /PatriotsFight/ board.

The following day, an anon asked why previous posts had been deleted.

7) Up until that time, the posts on /PatriotsFight/ were points of general interest, but were not critical to the mission.

/Patriotsfight/ would, in the future, become the main hub of all Q related discussions once they had been banned from all other internet sites.

8) As strange as it sounds, Q suggested 8chan would, in the future, be the only place where public discussion of Q would be allowed.

9) On November 11, 2018, Q posted a series of “placeholder” posts that serve as reminders of subjects that will be discussed at some point in the future (many of them are related to Spygate).

10) There are placeholders related to the declassification of Spygate documents, the exposure of malicious activity of the Five Eyes, the prosecution of treason and the Special Counsel’s investigation.

11 One post has multiple placeholders for various topics that will be discussed in the upcoming DOJ Inspector General’s report.

12) So the question people are asking is: Q warned us today to “be ready.”

Be ready for what?

Ready for Q discussions to be banned from social media and only hosted on 8chan?

Ready for Declass?

Ready for the OIG Report?

13) We’ve seen an increase in censorship of pro-POTUS voices including the decision by YouTube to pull @Project_Veritas‘ video about Google/YouTube political bias. …

14) And there’s Reddit’s action against the platform’s most popular Trump forum. …

15) Today, Twitter announced it’s taking further steps to keep people from viewing the President’s tweets. …

16) Why the increased censorship of conservatives?

They know they messed up in 2016 and it cost them the White House.

The 2020 election is drawing near and they must find a way to control the narrative to regain control.

17) Why, out of curiosity, was MSNBC given an exclusive contract to cover the Democratic convention in South Carolina?

How do you maintain control of the narrative? …

18) The exposure of corruption by the declassification of #Spygate documents, the exposure of media bribes and collusion with the intelligence community, the exposure of leaks, the arrests and indictments of corrupt people will only cause more panic and more censorship,

19) And not just censorship of conservatives but censorship of Q decoders when the proofs start raining down after Declass.

20) There are several things we may want to be ready for, including declass and the exposure of corruption, but with it, we should prepare for greater censorship.

21) This is currently the latest post (number 471) on the /PatriotsFight/ board.

22) The previous post, number 470, requires some explanation.

Here is that post as it appears on 

23) That post should appear between these two posts ( numbers 469 and 471) on /PatriotsFight/ but it is not there.

24) Post number 470 has the same text as this post, at the top of the /PatriotsFight/ page that has the number 440.

It indicates [Future Comms] and lists parts of the operation and confirms [OnReady]

(I don’t know why post number 470 is missing.)

25) As the situation changes, with regard to future comms and /PatriotsFight/ I’ll do my best to keep you updated.

26) For those who are concerned that nothing is happening. …