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God’s Perspective on Excellence

My wife and I were entertaining friends when we got on the subject of writing books. I told our guest I was not the best healer in the world. “If you want to see a really gifted healer,” I said, “Go hang out with David Hogan.” I’m not the most knowledgeable or the most proficient healer, but with the little knowledge I do have, I was able to write a decent book on the subject, because in all…

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Naked and Open – The Fed’s New Threads

On June 9, 2013, I had the following dream: A number of people, who were respected citizens and not prone to scandalous behavior had secretly been parading around outside their homes at night naked, thinking no one was watching. Someone had taken photographs of them and brought the photographs to their attention in an attempt to get them to change their behavior. The photos were not used to blackmail or extort money. They were only…

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The Problem of Christian Sub-Cultures

I had the following dream in which I was an observer. The dream featured two friends; Phil Drysdale and Steve Harmon, who were engaged in activities that were highly visible to the public. They appeared to serve as ambassadors that represented different nations. Throughout the dream, they spoke to me and others about different things that were on their minds. Their agendas and motives appeared to be perfectly legitimate. I could not detect any selfishness…

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What is Translocation?

A friend recently asked the question, “What exactly is translocation?” I’ve had many experiences, which I would classify as translocation, but until today, I’ve never tried to explain exactly what I mean when I use this word. I think the term translocation encompasses a number of different things, which are related, but different. Because most of us are unfamiliar with these concepts, we tend to lump them all into one broad category, but perhaps we…

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Visiting Schools of Supernatural Ministry – A Dream

I awoke this morning from an encouraging dream. In the dream I was traveling to different locations where people were gathering to learn about the supernatural. I couldn’t tell if these were schools of supernatural ministry or not, but that’s the closest thing I could compare them to. I would show up at a location and talk with people about our common interests. The atmosphere was festive; almost party-like. I spent time developing friendships &…

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