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The Coming Wave – Not What We Expect

October 8, 2010 I spent a day at the beach with my kids a few years ago when the moon was full and the forecast was for high surf. We took our wetsuits and boards expecting to have a blast in the big waves. On the three-hour drive to the beach, we were filled with high expectations of catching some great curls. What actually happened when we arrived had the potential of being the greatest…

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A Dream About New Currency

I had a dream this morning about a new type of currency that was issued. For whatever reason (it wasn’t given in the dream) the dollar was no longer being used as currency. Instead, people were issued a limited amount of a new type of currency. By ‘new type’ of currency, I mean it was spent differently. The values of the new currency were hard to understand. There were rules for spending it and many…

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Love, Blood, Poverty, Africa

April 27th 2013 So last night I had this dream that consisted of 3 words and a place: Love. Blood. Poverty. Africa. That’s it. I felt a slight sense of desperation in the dream, but there wasn’t anything else I could tell you about it. A month ago I had another dream. In that dream, I was assessing African people to determine their likelihood of survival. A friend had developed a method of assessing people’s…

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Meeting My Friends

I had a dream last night about introducing people to my friends. In the dream, I was rounding up some people who didn’t have a lot of positive life experiences. My plan was to introduce them to a few friends who had positive experiences. It took a while to find people who were interested, but I found them. I did the introductions and the lesser experienced friends hung out with the more experienced ones and…

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Dreams About the Boston Bombing

The night of the bombing in Boston, I had a dream about people with broken legs.  In the dream, there were many people who were asked to fix people with broken legs. They tried splints, metal rods, plates, and other techniques, but nothing seemed to work. The last person came into the room and had a victim whose legs were completely destroyed. The bones were broken beyond repair. There were pieces too small to see….

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