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The iPod Dock Healing

Years ago, my wife was given a Bose iPod docking station from her son as a gift. The docking station is a portable sound system that amplifies your iPod. Bose makes some of the best quality sound equipment and this docking station gets a lot of use. In the summer, we put it out by the pool to have music outside. It’s the only thing we have for listening to music, except our computers. About a…

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Doomsday Preppers

When most of us think about survivalists, we tend to think of those weird gun-toting people, who have an affinity for gas masks and gold. I’ve never had a friend who I would call a ‘prepper’. But I recently met a couple of people who are. And they aren’t the kind of people I thought they would be. Two weeks ago, I had a dream about meeting up with survivalists in my area and joining…

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The Biblical Basis for Healing

Healing is the subject of much debate, both inside and outside the church. There are many skeptics who would challenge the validity of divine healing. Some doubt healing itself, insisting there is no clinical evidence demonstrating that healing is a real phenomenon. Others challenge the idea of healing as a biblical principle that is valid for today. We’ll survey some of the most relevant passages of Scripture which reveal not only the biblical basis for divine healing,…

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