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Re-thinking Missions Part 2 – Church or Kingdom?

If my first message on missions didn’t challenge your views, this one probably will.  I appreciate the hard work put in by generations of missionaries who have sown and harvested in the field of God. I stand in awe of the sacrifices they’ve made. This is a discussion aimed at identifying things we can improve on and that means looking at things we aren’t doing very well. A common complaint I heard in my discussion…

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Rethinking Missions Part 1 – Funding

I understand the new concept of missions, where we see ourselves as missionaries wherever we go. The missional life in Christ is not restricted to people who travel overseas.  But this role doesn’t have the problems that the more traditional one has. This is a discussion on problem-solving the traditional role. So for this discussion, I’d like to focus on missions that involve international travel, because it’s this one that creates the biggest headaches. I…

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