I receive many inquiries asking if I have a particular strategy I use against cancer. I always recommend praying as we’re led by the Holy Spirit. It’s the most effective way to pray. Having said that; I’ve found that more often than not, the Lord will lead me to employ one strategy more than any other for healing cancer. The strategy itself is not complex. In fact, it’s probably the simplest of all the strategies I use. Understanding and using it requires an examination of the subtleties in the anointing for healing.

I stumbled upon this strategy by accident one night while my wife was reading to me a chapter from David Taylor’s book Face To Face Appearances From Jesus. Taylor experienced hundreds of face-to-face appearances from Jesus and outlined many of them in the book. In this particular chapter, he said Jesus taught him about four different levels of anointing for healing.

What did he mean by different levels of anointing?

Not wanting to fall into error or lead others into it, I sat on this idea for about 6 months. I asked the Lord, is it true? Is it for me? Do you want me to share it with others?

Then one night I had a dream. In the dream, I was in a class on advanced miracles. There were other students with me. We were going beyond the basics of healing and miracles and learning how to operate at a higher level with greater results. The dream suggests that God wants us to advance our understanding of healing.

In his book, Taylor describes four distinct levels of anointing for healing. The following is an excerpt from the book that explains them.

More Than a King

In 1996 I had one of the most glorious experiences in all of face-to-face encounters I’ve had and in all of the trips I have taken to Heaven. I didn’t know it could get any better after all of wonderful experiences I have had. I was dumbfounded. The closer I became to the Lord, the more He began to reveal to me about Himself and His Father, whom we call God. During this, I was still growing and making a lot of mistakes. It is easy think that you know a lot, especially when you’re being mentored by spiritual fathers in so much revelation. Well, I thought I knew more than what I really understood because I was studying and learning the glorious revelation that God gave Benny Hinn, who is one of the greatest men of God living today.

During this time, I was learning more and more about the subject of anointing. Benny had written a book called The Anointing, which is a great book that taught me volumes concerning how to walk in the anointing of the Holy Spirit in my personal life. While studying this book between 1994 and 1996, I read about the three different stages of the anointing we all go through after we receive Jesus as our personal savior. Benny mentions in this book the leper’s anointing that we receive when we get saved as a result of accepting Jesus. Then he talks about the priestly anointing that we receive after salvation as a result of spending time with Jesus. Then finally he talks about the kingly anointing that we all receive as saints by obeying Jesus! The kingly anointing was very intriguing to me.

At this point, I had sought the Lord for six to seven years about His Kingdom, so this opened up more revelation and light concerning God’s purpose for us through Jesus’ blood. Benny also states in this book that the kingly anointing is the most powerful anointing of them all! I believed the same thing, like so many other western Christians who know little about the true nature of God’s Kingdom. I didn’t know what I’m about to share with you until I was taken to Heaven one night while I was sleeping. All I had been taught or had understood from growing up in America was that the realm of the king was the highest authority and anointing. This is all I had heard since I was a child. I had even heard taught from God’s Word that Jesus was not only a king but He was the King of kings and Lord of lords. But during a trip to heaven, I was about to find out that He was even greater than this!

Jesus Causes Me to Appear Before Him

Suddenly and without warning or prior knowledge, I was again beamed or summoned into Heaven while asleep at night. I don’t know how to explain this other than to say it felt like I was whisked or summoned, just like the speed of thought, and I was immediately in Heaven standing in front of Jesus face- to-face… There He stood in front of me, over six feet tall with sandy-brownish hair, parted at the top, coming down the sides of His face to His shoulders.

I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful white robe He had on that He wore most of the times that I had seen Him. Jesus looked me straight in my eyes and started talking to me, saying, “David, I brought you here to give you a revelation about who My father and I are.” Then He continued, “You have taught wrong when you say that the kingly anointing is the highest and greatest anointing in the Kingdom. I brought you here to reveal a truth to you that the kingly anointing is not the highest anointing before you cross over into the dimension of My Glory.” He said further, “This highest anointing is called the ‘Imperial anointing.’ It is the highest anointing in the Kingdom before you move out of the dimension of the anointing and cross over into the realm of the Glory.” Then He said, “David, My Father and are not just Kings; We are Emperors. This imperial anointing comes from the presence and authority of an Emperor just like the kingly anointing comes from the presence and office of a king.” He said, “This is the highest anointing in My Kingdom.”

I was in awe as the King of kings and Lord of lords was lovingly and meticulously teaching me right in front of my very eyes. His correction and mild rebuke to me about what I had been teaching wasn’t condemning, and although I knew it was, it didn’t feel like correction at all. When correction is given in Heaven by the Lord, there is such a wholeness of God’s presence that is unlike His presence on earth that you don’t feel condemned or overwhelmed with guilt like you might if you received the same rebuke on earth.

Then He began to teach me how to use this anointing for His Kingdom and how to operate in it by pointing out places in Scriptures where He had walked in this imperial anointing versus when He walked in His kingly anointing. He began to describe the difference between the imperial anointing and the kingly anointing by talking about how to pray for the sick.

The Anointing in His Ministry

If a person comes in without eyeballs (just sockets in their head), the kingly anointing would say or command, “I command eyeballs to form,” and eyeballs would form. The kingly anointing addresses what is out of order. Under the imperial anointing, which is a higher commanding ability (power), you wouldn’t address the fact that the person doesn’t have eyeballs in their head. Your command does not battle nor address what is out of order as the kingly anointing does.

Instead, in the imperial anointing, you would say what you want without addressing what is not. Instead of saying, “I command eyeballs to form,” you would say under the imperial anointing, “Read this book!” and the miracle eyeballs would have to form and be established to fulfill the command. Wow! This is what the Bible means when it says, “Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee” (Job 22:28). This implies that it is given to you, not that you have to battle and work to establish it!

He then showed me how He walked in this anointing compared to times when He walked in the kingly anointing. For instance, He pointed out specific moments in His earthly ministry when He walked in His anointing and authority as a king, by rebuking, addressing, and casting out demons of sickness. He then said, “Did you notice that I would rebuke and command evil spirits to leave some people and they would get well, and at other times, like the man with palsy, I walked in imperial authority and didn’t address the demons, but rather commanded what I desired to happen to them? I didn’t rebuke or address the spirit that had him bound with sickness. I strategically spoke to him declaring what I desired to see happen. “The Bible states that Jesus said to the sick man with palsy, “Get up and go into your house,” and the man was healed by this command! He did not rebuke an unclean spirit or demon in this situation as He had at other times.

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My Experiences With the Imperial Anointing

After reading Taylor’s book, I began doing my own experiments. I happened to receive a couple of prayer requests two days in a row for healing of tumors. One request was for a woman who had a thyroid tumor. She was going to have a biopsy the following day. I closed my eyes and in my mind, I saw a throne. Having never seen anything like this before, I assumed it was a direction from the Holy Spirt to use the imperial anointing. Rather than command the tumor to die or rebuke an evil spirit, I simply said, “When the doctors take her into the operating room, they will not find the tumor.” That was all I said. I received a message the following day reporting exactly that. They took her into the suite to do the biopsy and the tumor, which was clearly visible on the medical images a few days earlier, was mysteriously gone.

Within 24 hours I received another request to pray for someone with a brain tumor, who was scheduled for surgery the following day. Once again, when I closed my eyes, I saw a throne. Assuming it was another instruction to use the imperial anointing, I made the following declaration: “When they take the patient into the operating room, they will not find the tumor.” I did not say anything else. I received a message the following day saying the surgeon did everything as he normally would, but the tumor they had seen on diagnostic images a few days earlier could not be found. These two events happened years ago and since then, I’ve received many more testimonies of healing of cancer. This is usually, though not always, how I address it.

I would like to reiterate that the best strategy is always to pray in whatever way the Holy Spirit leads. Healing is not intended to be a formula. It’s relational. Jesus didn’t use the same strategy every time. He did what He saw the Father doing. There is no silver bullet for cancer. But if you happen to receive direction from the Holy Spirit that seems to indicate a strategy like the imperial anointing, you might try it and see what happens.

Healing 101

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If you’d like to learn more about David Taylor’s book Face To Face Appearances From Jesus, click on the link or on the image below.

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