I received this testimony from a first time visitor to the court of heaven. The writer asked to remain anonymous.

Hi PM,

For a long time (like 20 years) my family has experienced a string of freaky incidents, illnesses, accidents, financial issues, depression, etc etc etc. So much and so strange that it doesn’t make sense in the natural.

I have long suspected that a lot of this has been coming from oppression of the enemy, but I wasn’t sure apart from praying and seeking wisdom what to do about it. I have been thinking about getting a Bethel Sozo session and if you have any thoughts about that I would be interested.

Since following Q back in January to now, I have become interested in your ministry. Even more than Q at some points. In fact, if Q stopped, I would continue to follow you for the ministry. I suspect God is using Q to bring you people he can set free through your teaching. And I am here to tell you I believe I am one of them.

Back on topic … Courts of Heaven … I have been listening to various you tubes of you and others discussing the courts of heaven and it has been simmering for a while. The idea that I need to go there to the judgment seat of mercy has been growing on me for weeks, but I didn’t want to screw it up or show up unprepared. I bought your Kindle books on it to learn the steps to do it. Finally last night some painful dark spiritual things were happening to my daughter and I knew it was time.

So I got in a quiet place and prayed for entry into the court. Nothing much seemed to happen, and the enemy began to try to put doubts in my head, so I said I believe the Lord has invited us there and I would wait patiently. And I asked for the Judge and for the Holy Spirit to counsel me. A little more time passed.

Then at some point, I knew the court was in session, so I followed your step by step process as best I could recall it. I didn’t see the Judge, the courtroom, nor any witnesses. It was just sort of dark but not scary.

I asked for the accusations to be read and nothing happened. Then within a few minutes, I heard them in my mind, and they were not the things I expected to hear at all but all of them were true. Some were recent and some were very old which I hadn’t thought about in years. These were not things I would have thought of nor brought up on my own. Some things I kind of expected to hear were not even brought up. It was very enlightening.

As they were read I saw a box like an old-fashioned television from the 60s appear, and inside there was a man’s face calling out the accusations, The face changed with each one. It was the same person, but the facial expression was smiling sometimes laughing. It was kind of like an animated slide show of that face with different expressions, some with mustaches, some without. Some with lots of theatrical makeup, some plain. All with the same voice laughing and accusing. It was not scary or grotesque, just some man I didn’t know.

At each one I said yes I did that, I’m sorry and I repent. And I claimed the blood of Jesus for each and at the end for all. I also repented and asked for forgiveness for anything my family had done. I didn’t receive any more accusations but I put it out there anyways.

At the end of that, I asked for a judgment and received forgiveness by the blood of Jesus. When I looked up the television with the guy inside was gone. The decree wasn’t verbal but something had changed and I knew I had received it. I think there was the glow of soft light but I am not sure now.

Then as you suggested I also asked for a scroll that I could keep within my spirit to use as I went forward to enforce the judgment, speak God’s healing, and rebuke the enemy.

court of heaven testimony praying medic

A scroll appeared and as I thought about it becoming installed and tucked away into my spirit, the scrolls floated over to me and passed through my chest into my spirit which absorbed them with joy. I felt a great confidence that I could use these going forward, and that feeling is still with me today. I think asking for the scroll is a key action which I am glad you recommend.

And then it was over. I opened my eyes and I was back in my room. I felt like a ton of weight had just been lifted from my weary spirit and I had a new energy.

Slept well last night. Nothing in the natural had changed. Didn’t talk to anyone about it.

Today I got an unction to start speaking and praying and I spent a long time in very detailed prayer for the healing, peace, wholeness for each of my wife and daughter, and then last myself. I commanded the unclean spirits who have been tormenting my wife and daughter and me to leave. I asked the Holy Spirit to bring His healing presence and to give me wisdom and knowledge about what to pray for and the words flowed. As I was praying I could feel the energy flowing through my spirit and both of my hands were kind of trembling but not in weakness. At the end, I was still sort of vibrating, and I spent some time just being in the presence of God with a heart overflowing with gratitude and prayed in the spirit for a while until I felt the visit was over.

I am wowed by this experience. Haven’t discussed this with my family. I think the Lord wants me to just watch and see what happens. And I am expecting great things.

Thanks for your teaching on this.

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