How To Give Jesus To Others In The Work Place

Steve Harmon shares some stories of sharing Jesus in work place. I wanted to give practical tips and tools on how to affect your work environment. The last job I had I was working at a flooring shop, and was an assistant manager. There were 3 other employees there and one was a Christian. The guy who was a Christian, I got to pray with him often. Sometimes the spirit would fall during prayer and we’d get pretty toasted. Obviously we would pray in private. One of the other employees was really resistant against anything about God. So I would be careful not to talk about God around him in the way that sounds preachy. The only way I would do it is when he would ask about me and how my weekend went, or something like that. I would tell him the truth and just simply share testimonies of healings or miracles that God did.. He liked those. But I knew not to over-do it or it would sound like I’m pushing it on him.

One day I saw him walking in the warehouse and the Lord spoke to me and said, “Hey Steve, I really love that guy.” Later, he and I were casually talking about sports and then I felt it was safe to tell him what God told me. He looked at me and said, “Are you serious?” I said, “Yeah.” His eyes started to water up and he said, “You don’t understand how much that means to me.” He was really moved by that word, which was so simple. When we were leaving he came over to my car to shake my hand and to thank me for the word. When he shook my hand, he stopped and paused. The next day he came over to me in private. He looks around to see if we were alone and tells me, “Dude, when I shook your hand I felt this tingling all over my body. What was that?” I just told him, “That was Jesus loving on you my friend. He just wanted you to know He was real.” The guy was blown away.

There were times when we had customers come in and they would have injuries and I would pray for them and Jesus would heal them. Then I would help load their tile into their car. I’d get to pray with customers and prophesy over them when I felt it was right. You have to learn by wisdom and discernment whether or not you should be doing that. Some people will get really offended, but the only way to learn is that you have to take risks and try it out.

Another job I had was when I worked at Bank of America and I was a teller. Nobody there was a Christian. One lady was a catholic. The lady who was catholic, we became good friends. We would go to lunch and I would share testimonies. One thing I love about Catholics is that they usually don’t get weirded out or freaked over miracles. I would talk to her about Jesus in a way I knew she wasn’t familiar with. I talked about His kindness and His joy and gave her examples of what that looked like in my life. Because she had a certain image of God that was distant and cold, I knew what message she needed to hear. Every person has a view of God and by understanding what that looks like will determine how you’ll minister and what you’ll say.

Other employees would again ask me about my week or weekend and I would tell them about how God would touch people from the ministry we would do. Now, I wouldn’t say stuff like that every time, but I would do it every so often. You don’t want to over saturate with the same stuff over and over, because then again, you’ll start to sound preachy and pushy. You have to learn to gage how much is enough God talk. For everyone, the level is different. Not everything you talk about should be about God. Talk about movies, sports, or whatever. The thing is, when you use testimonies to witness, you are not directly preaching at them. It’s more indirect and doesn’t have the pushy element, but it can if it’s over done. When you come at them and tell them that “Jesus is the way,” then you are making a statement that’s definitive. That won’t go over so well in every case. When you testify of the works of God, they speak for them self and cause the person to do their own thinking. When you talk about miracles, it’s hard for a person to rationalize away something being merely coincidence. When you give so many stories, it’s even harder to rationalize.

Now, besides just talking about testimonies of God’s love, showing love to your fellow employees is where it’s all at. If you just have stories, but you leave a bad taste in their mouth because of your conduct, it takes the effect away from power of your testimonies. You have to be the one at your job that doesn’t complain like the rest. You have to be the one who will serve others. Don’t let them serve you. Go out of your way to bless them. Many times an employee would want to trade with me a work day so they could have off. If I didn’t have prior plans I was definitely going to trade with them. Sometimes I would buy them lunch or bring them gifts. I would compliment them on their clothes or something they did well on. I would speak to their strengths and let them know that I notice what they’re good at. I would get things for them so they wouldn’t have to. I wanted to help them out as much as I could. It’s all about serving them, making them feel more important than you. That’s just showing Jesus in the raw.

There were times when I would get to pray for them for healing. Sometimes one would have complained about a headache or neck pain and I would say, “Let me pray for that really quick.” I wouldn’t ask them if I could pray for it, I would simply do it so they couldn’t say no. If they didn’t get healed, they would be blessed that I would care to pray for them and show concern. If they did get healed, they were stunned and excited.

When you use all of these elements; serving others, testimonies of God’s love, praying for them, giving prophetic words, all of these give you the best chance of causing drastic change in someone. They’re all very important. The thing about reaching people in the work place comes down to building relationship. It can be a slow process, so you don’t want to rush it. Rushing things and ministering out of impulse will cause people to back away from you. You have got to be gentle and casual. That’s how God is with us. Yes, God wants to change us, for obvious reasons, but it is a process. And the best way to yield the greatest results in touching others is to utilize patience from rest.

You are an ark carrying His glory, so open up your ark and release Jesus to people.. It’s about love. It’s about them. It’s about Jesus 😀

Amy’s Knee Pain Check Up

This is the continuing story of a co-worker who was healed of knee pain. The previous post about her healing can be found here

Amy saw me coming in from my ambulance at the end of shift. The last time we’d seen each other was at the west valley station a year earlier. Surprised to see me working the east valley, she asked, “What are you doing here?”

“I’ve been working the east valley for almost a year.”

She didn’t waste any time getting to the point. “I might need your help with my knee again. It’s swollen and hurts a lot. Especially behind my knee.” Amy had been healed of knee pain a year ago. But the pain and swelling came back. So the question was—would she be healed again?

“Do you have a few minutes to let me get you healed?”

“I’m off duty and I’m not in a hurry to go anywhere.”

We sat on the couch in the day room. I asked a few questions, trying to pinpoint exactly where the knee pain was located. I placed by hand two inches from her knee and asked if she wanted to be healed again.

“I can already feel the energy coming from your hand,” she said with a smile.

“So, I’ll take that as a yes.”

I kept my hand about two inches from her skin and commanded spirits of pain and inflammation to leave and commanded ligaments, tendons, cartilage and soft tissue to be healed. She said she felt something moving inside her knee joint.

“Well, you know what that means….why don’t you get up and walk on it…see how it feels?”

She got up and walked around.

“It still hurts a little.”

“Okay. Have a seat and show me where it hurts.”

She pointed to the lateral aspect of her knee. I placed my hand on it, commanded it to be healed in the name of Jesus and had her check it out again.

“Wow…it’s feels pretty good.”

That was way too easy, I thought to myself. We talked for a few minutes and then headed to the parking lot. It was the end of another day and I was looking forward to getting home, having dinner with my wife and telling her about Amy’s check up.

If you’re new to this blog and you haven’t heard this yet…you need to take this to heart: Anyone can do this.

I don’t have a special gift. A few years ago, I didn’t believe in healing. I just decided I was fed up with living a powerless life. I determined that I was going to pray with anyone and everyone who wanted to be healed.

The learning curve( for me) was pretty steep. I had no faith. I knew nothing about healing or miracles. So the first 400 or 500 people I prayed with weren’t healed. But God told me to keep going and not to give up.

So I kept going. And eventually, the miracles came.

The same Jesus who heals through me also lives in you. He wants to heal people through you. The miracles will come. If you don’t give up.

The Radiology Lady

Stop me if you’ve heard this one…

As I sat in a hallway, waiting for a patient, I saw a radiology technician walk by. She had a boot on her foot. This was a special kind of boot. It’s the kind you wear when you you have a broken or sprained ankle. She seemed to be in a hurry and the hallway was crowded. I though for a moment about asking her if she wanted to be healed, but I quickly dismissed it.

Ten minutes later she returned. She had a cup of coffee  in one hand. She was alone and seemed to be in no hurry. The hallway was empty. Even my partner was gone. She was ten feet past me when I said, “Hey! Do you have a minute?”

She turned around. “Sure.”

I got up and as I drew near, I asked how she injured her foot. She explained that she rolled it, and had a lot of soft-tissue damage. She mentioned that there was a lot of internal bleeding and swelling. It sounded painful.

I blurted out, “Would you like to be healed?”

She smiled and replied, “Do you know how to heal?”

“Yeah. I pray with a lot of people and they get healed.”

“Well, actually, I only have one more day in this thing, then it comes off.”

“So how does it feel right now….is there any pain?”

“Not if I have the boot on. But when I take it off, yeah – it hurts.”

“So, can I pray for you to be healed?”

She gave in. “Yeah – go ahead.”

I placed my hand on her foot, commanded spirits of pain and inflammation to leave, commanded ligaments, bones, tendons, nerves, blood vessels and cartilage to be healed. (This is probably the only way to cover all the bases when you really don’t know what needs to be healed.  – just go for everything.) I asked the Holy Spirit to bring His presence and asked what she felt.

She held out the hand that wasn’t holding the coffee and wiggled her fingers…”It feels kinda like….”

“Tingling?” I asked.


I smiled. “That’s because God is healing you.”

She gave me a big smile. I took her hand.

“‘…’cause God’s cool like that.”

She seemed really glad that I interrupted her day. She turned and walked down the hallway. The recipient of God’s mercy and power. I sat down and waited.

I really hope she gets an x-ray.

10 Minutes

As we pushed the gurney to our next patient’s room, I noticed an employee limping down the hall with an immobilizer on her foot. My partner went in the patient’s room. I went on my mission.

I approached and introduced myself then asked the usual question.

“What happened to your foot?”

“Oh…I broke it”.

“Have you had surgery yet?”

“I was hoping I wouldn’t need surgery. The plan was for it to heal on its own. But it’s been a slow process.”

“Would you like to be healed right now?”

“I’d LOVE to be healed. What do you have in mind?”

“I’d like to pray with you.”

She lit up like a Christmas tree.

“Well, of course you can pray with me. I never say no to prayer!”

I bent down and laid my hand on the black plastic immobilizer and commanded spirit of pain to leave, for the Holy Spirit to bring His presence to touch her and for the ligaments, nerves, bones, tendons and muscles to be healed.

“Do you feel anything going on in your foot?”

“No…not really.”

I would normally pray a second and third time if nothing happened the first time, but I was short on time. I had to get to my patient. I suggested that she might notice her healing in a little while. She thanked me and I went to get my patient.

Our patient was a quadriplegic with a tracheostomy. He had a lot of things going along that had to be bagged so getting him ready took about 10 minutes. Once everything was on the gurney, we headed for the elevator.

On the way to the elevator, I saw the woman with the immobilizer again. She looked at me as I passed by and said, “What did you do to me? My foot feels great!”

I asked her to test it out and see if there was any pain at all. There wasn’t. She was completely healed. And utterly stunned.

I gave her some basic instruction on how to keep her healing. She asked for my name. She was going to call my supervisor and tell him how nice it is that we allow our employees to pray with people.

That’s right. While this kind of activity might get you sacked in the UK, we Yanks are blessed to have the freedom to pray on the job and at times even be commended for it.

I’d like to leave you with a word of encouragement and a challenge.

I could have assumed that this woman was not going to be healed, because nothing happened after I prayed with her. But 10 minutes later, she was completely healed. Don’t develop the habit of thinking that people aren’t healed, just because you don’t see an immediate change. This kind of thing happens quite often. Often enough that I sometimes tell people, “You may not feel anything now, but you will later.”

I’d like to put out a challenge to you. The next time you see someone at work hobbling along with some type of injury – offer to pray with them and let me know what happens.

-till then.

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