Our spirit links us consciously to God and the rest of the spiritual world. Our body links us to the physical world, and our soul is the connector between the two. It is the meeting place and communication juncture between the physical and spiritual worlds. The soul gives us our conscious awareness of ourselves. It is able to perceive the spiritual world as easily as it perceives the physical one. Whichever world the soul is focused on at any point in time, that is the one we are most aware of, and it’s the one we perceive to be the most real. Input from that world is received by the brain and acted upon, while input from the other world is largely ignored.

Most of us are bombarded continually by noise from the physical world, which drowns out the things that are going on in the spiritual world. Things like TV, radio, computers, and video games create a continual flow of information our mind must focus on and process. When our mind is asked to focus on these things repeatedly, it becomes biased toward things in the physical world and biased against things in the spiritual world. Since we’re always having experiences in the spiritual world, even when we do not perceive them, the trick is to increase our soul’s awareness of those experiences. One good way to become more aware of them is to tune in to the spiritual world, by tuning out the physical one. If you turn off sources of noise in the physical world and spend time quietly looking and listening for things going on the spiritual world, you’ll be surprised at how accessible the spiritual world really is.

The human brain continually processes input from the physical senses of touch, taste, sight, smell, and sound. Because our brain is accustomed to processing information coming from the physical world, when information from the spiritual world is received, the brain may not know how to process or interpret it outside of the normal context of the physical world. Much of what goes on in the spiritual world is so different from what we experience in the physical world that we have little ability to make sense of it. The fantastic imagery and strange messages that come from the spiritual world can be so bizarre that they’re often thought to come from our imagination. This is why messages from God, demons, and angels are often interpreted as our own thoughts. It is also why dreams remain a mystery to many people, even though they contain valuable information from God.

The brain must be re-conditioned to receive and interpret communication coming from the spiritual world. The apostle Paul contrasted the world’s way of thinking with the heavenly way of thinking, reminding us not to have our thoughts conformed to the world’s standards, but to have our lives transformed by the continual renewing of our mind (see Rom 12:2). Learning to see and interpret things that come from the spiritual world is part of the process of renewing our minds. As we receive revelation from heaven and meditate on it, our patterns of thinking are changed and our behavior is conformed to the heavenly pattern.

If we truly are spirit beings that are created with spiritual eyes that can see in the spiritual world, then the problem with seeing in the spirit is not that we don’t have the visual apparatus to do it, or that we lack the proper anointing or a spiritual gift. The problem is that our soul has not been conditioned to correctly perceive what our spiritual eyes are already able to see. Even people born with physical blindness have the ability to see perfectly in the spiritual world during near-death experiences.

When the physical body dies, the spirit and soul interact with other spirits and see things in the spirit world with ease. It is not as if at death, our spirit is suddenly empowered with abilities it never had before. It is simply that at the point when our physical body dies, its shell is removed, revealing the true nature of our spirit and soul as they always were. The spiritual body was always able to see in the spiritual world, and communicate with spiritual beings, but with the physical body out of the way, the soul can now focus more easily on the realities of the spiritual world. Every spiritual being has the ability to see in the spiritual world.

This is an excerpt from my book Seeing in the Spirit Made Simple.


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