The IG Report is Out—What Happens Next?

Some people are disappointed or confused, having expected that the Department of Justice IG report on FISA abuse (what I refer to as Spygate) would lead to the immediate arrest of corrupt politicians. In past articles and broadcasts, I’ve explained that this wasn’t a realistic expectation. The arrest of those who have committed crimes is one step in a complex process that must be allowed to unfold in its entirety if corruption is to be permanently removed from our government.

The removal of corruption from our government has many steps. Each step must be taken at a precise time and in the prescribed order if the process is to be effective. Removing corruption permanently is more than merely a matter of arresting criminals. Measures must be put in place to make sure this type of corruption and abuse of power never happens again.

The Justice Department could arrest thousands of corrupt politicians and government employees tomorrow if they wanted to. If the problems in our two-tiered system of justice aren’t fixed, the guilty may be arrested but they will not be convicted. Corrupt people must first be removed from the system of justice, and new employees (and new judges) must be appointed. Those measures have been underway since Donald Trump took office.

If we want to avoid civil war in reaction to corrupt politicians being arrested, the public must first see evidence of the crimes they’ve committed. More importantly, if the public isn’t made aware of how political corruption happens, at a future time, it will happen again. Educating the public is essential to preventing corruption from reoccurring. Thanks to a dishonest press, a majority of citizens are still in the dark about the true nature and extent of political corruption.

The release of the IG report was one step in the process of making the public aware of how politicians and government employees commit crimes. Unfortunately, awareness of corruption won’t happen overnight. It will take time for the public to process the IG report & come to conclusions different from what they currently believe. Attorney General Barr will declassify documents that will further expose corruption. If I understand the process correctly, declassification is the next step. Again, it will take time for the necessary documents to be released and for the public to process them and come to a better understanding of corruption.

Once the public has been made aware of how corruption happens, they’ll demand institutional changes. Congress, the courts, and the executive branch will then make the necessary changes. These changes will help prevent corruption from happening in the future.

After the public education program is well underway, arrests of those who were involved in Spygate will take place. At this point, the work of U.S. Attorney John Durham will be revealed. (I wouldn’t worry about the statute of limitations running out before Durham’s cases go to trial. U.S. Attorneys are professionals. They’re well aware of the statutory limitations of their cases.)

The crimes committed in Spygate are like a complex web that will be difficult for the average person to understand. It will be necessary to bring them up the learning curve at a manageable pace. Once they’ve been educated about Spygate corruption, and after the prosecution has commenced, the DOJ will move to the next step.

The Clinton Foundation and the Uranium One scandals are more complex than Spygate. In addition to corruption in the government and the media, we will learn about corruption in foreign governments, corporations, and non-profit organizations. Corruption related to the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One will be exposed once the public understands the crimes that took place in Spygate. The prosecution of these crimes will reveal the work that U.S. Attorney Huber has been doing for the last two years.

When can we expect arrests?
In an interview on December 10th, Attorney General William Barr said he expects Durham’s investigation will be “reaching an important watershed in late spring or early summer” of 2020. At that time, we may see the unsealing of indictments related to Spygate.


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